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Starting direct deposit with another company and I have two separate accounts how do I submit the forms?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) December 6th, 2012
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Do I send two separate voided forms one for each account?
What I’m actually asking is I have a primary account and a secondary that I want a designated amount sent to each pay. So what should I do to make sure they adhere to what I need them to do?

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I have the money all deposited into my primary account and have automatic transfers set up to move the money I want in my secondary accounts to my secondary accounts the same day it is deposited to the primary.

Probably not the best way to do it, but it was the least confusing to me.

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Are you sure that your employer will do that? I do what @WestRiverrat does.

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This is a question for the HR department at your job. This is possible at my job and can easily be done online, but I work at a bank, so they anticipate such needs. @WestRiverrat had a good idea though, in the event your employer doesn’t give you the option to do it your way.

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I like the solution advocated by @WestRiverrat, but I also agree with @livelaughlove21: Your employer’s HR department will tell you exactly what you need to do if you decide to go that route, and provided, as @marinelife has suggested, that they will agree to multiple direct deposits.

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Your employer may be different than mine, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

When I went to work for these guys, the direct deposit form had places for 2 (maybe 3) accounts. So I had to fill in bank name, routing number, account number, for both of the ones that I used.

It also gave me the option of assigning a specific dollar amount or splitting 50/50 depending on which option I chose.

But all employers are different….

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@elbanditoroso yes that what I want to do.

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I am a payroll administrator for a large company in NYC. Check with the Payroll Manager or Administrator in the HR department. There should be a form to complete, whereby you attach a voided check from your checking account to it and send it in or they process it.

The form might have places for multiple accounts in that case just fill out the info. If it doesn’t then you might want to direct deposit to one main checking account then do monthly/weekly electronic transfers to other secondary accounts.

Start out by asking the people who process your payroll in your HR department. If they have an outside vendor do payroll (such as ADP) speak with your company person who liases with them.

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