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What's your one wish?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34393points) December 20th, 2012
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There are many times in life a person might wish to revisit a certain personal event and change something.

There are historical events we might wish to alter.

Perhaps you would like to end a scourge on the earth such as poverty.

Given just one wish, what would yours be?

Mine? To know my self.

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To love your neighbor. Peace.

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Peace in the Middle East. And health..

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Only one wish…

I think I would wish that everyone on this planet who feels some sort of need has a better 2013. Whether it be they have more food, find safe and secure shelter, get a job, meet someone to love. I wish that the one thing each person in need yearns for (and that would cause no one else harm), be granted.

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My wish is to be completely awesome. That’s it. My definition of awesome is someone who cares enough to do something. Someone who has dreams and ambitions. Someone who can be kind and smart at the same time. Someone who is completely awesome.

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@BBawlight I don’t know how to break this to you but it was already granted. You ARE completely awesome!

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I also have a distant second wish: it involves a beach in Hawaii, a board, some margaritas and a certain jelly named @Hawaii_Jake – but I digress.

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Economic justice best won by free men through free enterprise not inherited privilege or licensed extortion my one wish for 2013 (or the elimination of poverty within my life time{ I just want too see it})

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Oh that would be fun @zensky. Can I come too… if Jake is cool with that? Sounds like great fun!

Edit: Ooops General. Prepare to be modded.

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@Bellatrix That made me so happy! I literally cried some! :D
Well, since my plan of being awesome was shot out the window by my sheer awesomeness, I guess I would wish for… I want to be like everybody else my age. I know that sounds strange, but I’ve always been a bit different. To the extent that nobody really understands me when I say something because of whatever reason (I think they’re too dumb). But I don’t want to change Me I want to change them. I want to make everybody else the same level as me. To make them better.

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On a rather pessimistic note, I was silently wishing for all that end of the world hype to come true. THAT would put an end to all our misery.

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Aww you are too gorgeous @BBawlight. I hope when you look in the mirror before you go to bed you can really say “I am awesome” and know it’s true. You aren’t dumb and I think if you asked a question about whether many jellies felt different at your age, you would find many, many of them did and some still do. Different is not a bad thing. Just keep being you and you will be just fine.

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@Bellatrix I’m crying and laughing and smiling because I’ve never felt this happy before! I know I’m not dumb. I feel lonely in the real world. I don’t like it very much and just wish for someone to be the same as me because I want an awesome friend. I feel so isolated and it’s been like this since I first started school… I hope I can find someone like me in the real world. That would be a nice wish, too…

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Well I am going to wish for that for you too. It isn’t the ‘real’ world but you have lots of people here who care about you. You will find an awesome friend. It will happen when you least expect it.

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@Bellatrix Thanks. Do people here really care about me? It’s so strange because I don’t really know them…

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@ZEPHYRA I for one am relieved your silent wish did not come true. There’s much to experience about life that is not miserable.

@BBawlight Yes, people do.

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It’s amazing how much you can care about people you don’t know in this medium. I think you would be surprised at how sincerely people do care about each other here. So I agree with @Hawaii_Jake, yes they do care.

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That’s awesome…
I’m changing my wish one last time.
I wish that I could always be has happy as I am now. It’ll rub off on people and make them happy because I’m awesome.

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Guys, a reminder: we are real people. This is the real world too. Jake and I have skyped, Bella and I PM all the time. People here meet up all the time. Heck, we even have a couple or two who met here in Fluther.

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Right now, I wish I could figure out why my guy suddenly told me it was over. 3 days ago, we were talking about spending the rest of our lives together. Tonight, out of the blue, he said it was over- no reason, just wasn’t into it anymore. I wish, really wish, this didn’t happen, that this wasn’t true and that I knew why.

If it’s really over, my daughter and I will be homeless until I get the money to be able to afford a security deposit at a new place.

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@linguaphile {{{hugs}}}} too bad we’re so far away – I’d snatch you up in a second.

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I wish for no wishing, rather contentment in all I have…which I do…which is nice.

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@ucme Spoil sport.

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Thank you @zensky and @Hawaii_Jake- love you guys!. I’ll grab you up too, Zen :D hugs back :) I’ll be okay—I have a game plan in place already. 1. Sleep. I need energy for tomorrow. 2. Get a storage unit ASAP and get my nonessentials out of here. I already have friends coming in the morning to help me move.

I think I’ll wish for a beach visit with margaritas now :)

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@Hawaii_Jake Okay, an everlasting blowjob then!

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@ucme I usually agree with you (not really) but in this case I think an everlasting blow job would not be much fun.

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@zensky Don’t you be stepping all over my wishes, a guy’s allowed some poetic licence.

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Oh, you’re pulling the poetic license card, eh? You are entitled to two a day.

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Blowjobs or….....? ;¬}

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Man, I love you guys. Including you, @BBawlight!

I echo @Bellatrix‘s wish: that everyone get their own wishes granted, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

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I wish for a new job for my husband. He needs to get the hell out of where he is. The stress level is going to kill him. I want him to be able to go to work and come home not feeling like crap. And while I benefit from that too, I really, really want it for him.

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@linguaphile, that is crazy to read in the middle of this lighthearted and loving thread. Let us know what is going on with you.

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I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but I’d wish they had locked Hitler away in a psych ward rather than let him be leader of the country. I would not have come into existence, but there’d be millions more Jews in the world.

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Well I want to become a god, or a demigod (I’m not picky) how’s that for a wish?

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I wish that all people would act responsibly

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Today, that the power stay on. I’ll tackle the cosmic issues after the fierce winds and rain die down.

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Utterly selfish wish right now – I wish to find some more peace and happiness in my life.

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I’d wish I could spend one last day with Asher. I’d with I could say goodbye to him.

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@bkcunningham My apologies. It was the middle of the night, I was in a crisis and that was the answer I came up with.

I’m okay—will be okay.

The wish I have today is to have a wonderful holiday break with my family and friends. I wish for lots, lots, lots of giggles and laughter for everyone.

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That people be good to each other.

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Mine is rather selfish, I’m afraid, but here goes, anyway…

There is someone that I wish I be with, but it is not meant to be. That being said, I would like to become better friends with him, but I don’t even know if even that will ever come true…

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I want to be,
the very best.

Like no one every was….

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@Deshi_basara Ha… Pokemon.

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^.^ What can I say, it stays with ya.

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@Deshi_basara I used to have an obsession with Pokemon… until (I took an arrow to the knee) I grew out of it at 10 years old…

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@BBawlight you’re listed as 13 and you’re trying to flame for something being childish? Wow, that’s ironic.

I’m going to change my one wish. I wish people would learn what the definition of “fun” is again.

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Today I wish for sunshine and the heat of the sun on my shoulders. I’m so tired of winter already.

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@Deshi_basara Oh… Irony is quite ironic… You thought I was “flaming”? Oh… I didn’t think it would sound that way. I wasn’t intentionally doing that, and don’t really care if people watch shows that I think are childish. I, for one, love to watch the show Octonauts. Which is for an audience way younger than I am.

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Health and happiness for my children, my family and friends.I’m good, thanks.

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