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Care to participate in this new idea I have?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) December 24th, 2012
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Okay, so some days we feel down, and have no one to confide in. Deep down, perhaps many of you are hurting, or are going through some complications of your own. So why don’t we just make this post a friendly one, where you write the good things about your life, and reasons to be happy. Also, let’s all compliment each other. Each user has to say something nice to another user, to make them feel better about themselves or their lives.

PS: Merry Christmas xx

I think all of you are beautiful and nice.

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Great idea ! !

Happy thoughts back to you.

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One time I farted on a butterfly and brought it back to life. lol

By the way I love the hell out of all you people here on fluther.

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What a lovely idea, @Luiveton! Great thinking. :)

It’s warm inside and snowing outside right now, and I’m home for the night. That makes me happy.

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I just had a great dinner with my brother and his in-laws. Now I’m home by the fire all warm and fuzzy.
Auggie makes fluther a great place to visit.

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I’m taking a break from getting ready for a large meal because I like being on Fluther with all the friendly people.

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Very nice idea @Luiveton. Kind of the like the Jelly Comfort thread, but even more positive!
I have a list of things I’m grateful for and when I am feeling depressed or disappointed about something, I look it and add to it.
I’m grateful for Fluther, for the kindness of a numerous jellies including @augustlan, for having had a great meal tonight, for being able to take my shot which fills me with vim and vigor, and for being able to spend Christmas Eve with someone.

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My sweetie and I just saw The Hobbit to celebrate the third anniversary of our first date. When we came out of the theater, it was snowing… I love snow! When we got home, my son was here, which makes me happy because he seemed a bit down the other day, and I’m glad I’ll get to spend some time with him tomorrow. Tomorrow we plan on seeing Les Miserables, which also looks amazing.

I am enjoying my time back on Fluther, and am grateful to the moderators for keeping the place running up to standards. I am glad to see some faces from my earlier years here, and enjoying some new folks, as well. @glacial has especially impressed me over the past few days with a number of resourceful answers that must have required some tenacious searching.

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I would like to thank each of my friends that I follow, and new friends I haven’t met yet, for making this interesting site interesting. I don’t always agree (actually it’s pretty hit or miss) with what people say, but it forces me to examine my own viewpoints. That in itself is worth the price of admission. Merry Christmas 2012 my friends, and many happy returns.

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My daughters boyfriend called me tonight, and asked if it was okay to propose to my daughter.
She has dated a lot of train wrecks, but this guy isn’t one. He is respectful, and loves her.
Merry Christmas to all of you! You all smell wonderful!

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I love you all, ya’ll like a second family to me. :)

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@Luiveton Hey you stole my theme! lol

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I lurve you, jellies!

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@augustlan And you too! LOL Everyone is stealing my love and my thunder! Oh well, it’s better than another school massacre.

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