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Do you act weird with your significant other?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) January 1st, 2013
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I just want to know if we’re the only “weirdos” in the world lol. We make funny sounds, do different voices, turn into different characters, etc. We’re the type of couple where I will run around the room squealing “raaaaaaargh!!!!” and try to headbutt him and he instead of calling my a weirdo, he will do the same. He has this one particular thing he does where if I’m doing something goofy and weird, he’ll start making owl noises and start pecking at me…...Yes, we are THAT weird :)

Please note, we don’t do this stuff in public lol.

If you aren’t with with your significant other, why aren’t you? And if you are, what kind of stuff do you do?

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It’s called play and yes, even adults do it.

And you should see my family. For some reason we have all started talking in these fake English accents. We say the most ridiculous things to each other. And there’s physical stuff too, but for some reason I can’t remember what it is right now. Must be getting old.

By the way, this is me, my wife, my daughter who is 16 and my son who is 13 almost. We’re all old enough to know better.

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I asked my significant other if I act weird with him, and he replied that we act “goofy” with each other… so you’re not the only ones!

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Certainly. I’m always doing voices, my daughter won’t stop singing, and my wife tells stories in her sleep. You’re not the only ones.

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He’s your SO because you feel safe and honest around him (and he around you) that you can play and be weird and goof around and not get judged or even wonder if you’ll be judged.

You love each other.

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Most couples have their own language and play like kids at times. Sometimes I get the same feeling with my husband as when my sister and I were little and used to play together and giggle at funny TV shows. I love it. I love the fun we have together.he does things to bother me, similar to how 10 year old boys behave. LOL. Drives me crazy and also I find it sweet. That he wants to be playful with me reinforces to me that he likes having me around.

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Totally, of course.

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Oh that’s good then. I really feel like I wasn’t this weird when I was single lol. Glad to see others know how to have fun!

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Hell, yeah! If you can’t be goofy with your SO, life is sad. :)

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You’re lucky. If you were single, you wouldn’t have anyone to play with.

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FYI, my husband and I just growled at each other like bears, haha.

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@augustlan We growl at each other too so it’s all good lmao

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I’m weird with everyone! It’s part of my charm.

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That’s one of the reasons we have a SO :)

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Do bears shit in the woods?

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I wouldn’t date someone I couldn’t be weird with! We have slow motion fights. Like I’ll very slowly punch him and he’ll very slowly fly backwards. Silly stuff. It’s fun.

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Of course. We make up dumb songs about our animals and scream them out, we recite all the words to Big Bang theme song at the top of our lungs. We pretend fight with windows open because all our neighbors fight, so we feel it’s only fair to give them a show in return. I run around naked without the curtains being drawn and he gets fake mad at me. It’s all kinds of craziness!

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^^ Yes, we make up songs about our dog too. We also speak for our dog in, what we imagine, is her voice.

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I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone with whom I could not be my silly secret self.

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