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What makes a "remarkable" person to you?

Asked by Carly (4555points) January 2nd, 2013
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google defines this adjective as: “Worthy of attention; striking”

What do you think makes a remarkable person? Can you think of anyone in history that you find very remarkable?

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My wife is a “remarkable” because she’s strong!

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This is much harder to answer than I initially anticipated. I’ll have to think on it. Great question!

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Ernest Shackleton

Nelson Mandela

Malala Yousafzai

People who came to mind without too much thought. These are people who have demonstrated remarkable courage and tenacity. Despite opposition (from the environment or people or other forces) they have had the courage to keep fighting for something they believe in or to survive.

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I’d say there might be many qualities that can make a person remarkable.

The first that occur to me are those that empower someone to achieve something of a major nature under majorly adverse circumstances.

Others would be those that give a person having few or no means of self defense, the astounding courage to stand up for vital human rights, against a murderous and lethally armed foe.

I think with Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai, @Bellatrix has listed two people who greatly embody those attributes.

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Selflessness; grace under fire; courage to face overwhelming adversity

Some noteworthy examples have been provided above, and I will add that I know ordinary people within my own sphere who exhibit “remarkable” traits. Some swim among us.

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A person who leads with love, insight, inspiration and the agenda of all. As opposed to a brash big mouth who screams their position at you. And expects change.

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Otherwise unremarkable people can & do commit remarkable acts, that’s why we see examples of extreme courage/bravery/kindness from everyday folk all over the world.

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There are remarkable people in my personal life. But I tend to forget people from history. I think it makes a big difference whether I know a person or not. I’m not impressed by people who I hear stories about but don’t personally know. The people I find remarkable are people I know, and what makes them remarkable is not always positive.

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Somebody that surprise me, that isn’t predictable, that is far smarter/fairer of heart than me, etc.

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In my life as I have met people and talked to them, I have found something truly remarkable about nearly each and every one of them. Whether it is someone who survived the Holocaust, a man who hiked the Appalachian Trail without sight, someone whose child steals to maintain a drug habit or a newborn babe who has not the strength to hold up her own head; each are remarkable to me.

Life in every form, in every situation and station has a story and something unique and interesting to offer me.

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