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For my 300th Question (with this account) may I ask you what your plans are for your next birthday?

Asked by zensky (13418points) January 11th, 2013
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I try to avoid mine – but when I hit the round 5–0 I am thinking of rewarding myself with a nice trip… this is an official alert Hawaii_Jake…

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It will be the best birthday ever, I will be holding the person I love, I would have left the past where it belongs, behind me. I would have by then finished my current field of studies. I will be 51 and still too young to answer your questions.

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My b-day is my youngest son’s b-day. On the day of our b-day, he is having a b-day party at his pre-school. On the night of our b-day, I am being awarded the Malave Merit scholarship and award. The night after our b-day, I am having my b-day party at a Moroccan restaurant in the city. Two days after our b-day, Ark is having his home/family b-day party. Three days after our b-day, our family of four is going on a tourist bus tour around NYC – our children love to do this, for some reason, on their b-days.

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I am still recovering from my last birthday, 11 (almost 12) days ago.

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For my next birthday, I hope to be in some strange land, far from home, seeing strange and wonderful things, and hanging out with people who speak languages I can’t understand.

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Yes you may, but I won’t say,
For I will do something nasty that day.
Ask me what and I’ll decline,
To tell how to celebrate turning 69.

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I have no clue. Probably driving home.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Congrats! An extra thousand bucks aint nothing to sneeze at.

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I just celebrated my last birthday one week ago today. It will more than likely be spent watching a movie and eating Chinese take-out, just like the last birthday.

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The weekend before my birthday I am going out with the pretty blond girl from HS who always had a boyfriend but told me she always wondered what it would be like to kiss me. We are turning 40 at the same time. My birthday weekend I am taking my daughter and boys to a children’s museum, and I am gonna let them explain to me how everything works, and bask in how proud they make me.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I awwwwed a little. But in a very manyly way, of course.

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I am going to work and then I’m gonna eat some cake.

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double post removed

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If I’m breathing, I suppose I’ll be happy.

If the last two years are any guide, I’ll be digging out from under a snowstorm or a hurricane. With luck, it won’t be a combination of the two.

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If things go as planned, we’ll be setting out for a family vacation. This will be our first family vacation with our two youngest children. Our last family vacation was a long weekend in San Antonio.

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Spur of the moment type person. I will contact all my ex boyfriends with subsequent or really close birthdays to mine and wish them the best.

Oddly enough i remained friendly but drifting with the pisces clan.

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My birthday is on a Friday this year. I’ll take the day off and ride my bicycle to the top of Mt Diablo in Northern California.

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I’m going to turn 70 in three weeks, but I don’t have anything planned. I might be able to afford to have the family to a joint dinner with my Daughter In Law whose birthday is the day before mine, but with so many of our family members out of work, I doubt we can afford it. We usually go to a buffet chain restaurant.

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Mine is coming up soon and we are going to the Australian Open! I can’t wait. I always wanted to make it to all 4 Grand Slams before I croak!

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To cry myself dry!

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And a Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day to those celebrating

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I’m turning 30 on the 18th of Jan.

I will be staying home, and not getting myself in to trouble. No stomach pumps, no accidents, no drugs, just sit at home and work on stuff.

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Alert accepted, @zensky .

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My next bday is a big one (number wise) so I’m hoping to do something special. Don’t know what that is yet but I can assure you it won’t be hot air ballooning or pearl diving.

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My next birthday is a big one, too. I’ll have fireworks, but then I have fireworks on my birthday every year since it’s the Fourth of July.

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45 on the 14th of this month. My plans? Bungee jump with the cord in my neck. I hate aging! Lol.

Btw congrats on the 300th question. Does that mean Fluther would now send you 300 Spartan warriors with well-toned abs to do with as you please-? Will you arrive in Hawaii in your own trireme-?

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My next birthday is at the beginning of May, and I shall be celebrating with a new baby boy, who will be anything from 4 weeks old to 1 week old, depending on when he chooses to arrive! (I’m hoping no older than 4 weeks though!) I have a feeling that the day won’t be about me particularly :D

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Mine is on a Wednesday in about two months and I’ll be turning 47 (horrors). I’m sure my job will do something (last year it was two dozen cookies delivered with a balloon) and probably that weekend previous I’ll be invited to my parents’ house for dinner. The weekends before and after I usually visit with or go to dinner with good friends and receive gifts and warm wishes.

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No plans. It’s many months away, so it’s not even on my radar.

My wife and daughter sometimes take me out to dinner and my aunt will make me my grandmother’s chocolate cake.

It’s also been forgotten from time to time (my 40th birthday for example).

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My fiancĂ© hits 5–0 three weeks before my birthday (which fall on Mondays this year). My son’s birthday is 9 days before mine, and the USA’s ‘Mother’s Day’ is around that time. We usually do a combined dinner out. None of us are the sort to throw parties or like to be the center of attention. Since it is a momentous birthday for my sweetie, I may book dinner at Per Se in Manhattan.

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Like you, I try to avoid making a big deal out of my birthday. It’s not until June so I’m not even thinking about making plans at this point.

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Hopefully going camping.

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@harple That sounds so good. I love babies.

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