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"We live in the product of anarchy" - agree/disagree?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) January 18th, 2013
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Aren’t all the world’s political and social systems the direct product of anarchy?

If everyone from the beginning of humanity simply did whatever they felt was right with whomever they chose.. won’t little organized systems simply grow into big organized systems and end up exactly where we are today?

What thoughts can you share on this topic?

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‘We have to believe in free will. We have no choice.’

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I don’t think it counts as anarchy if you do not set out to specifically respond to a government already in place.

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Wow, I’ve never heard of anarchy referred to as a response to a government. I’ve only heard it referred to as a competing form of government; a sibling of sorts.

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Well, maybe. We have rules and society, not only in order to survive, but so that you can’t just do whatever you want. So, societies and shit were probably created and are upheld for a lot of different reasons, (which I’m guessing probably aren’t all that different really, considering such ideas are born of human nature) but ’‘anarchy’’ might be one of them. I don’t really think that the glorified version of anarchy can ever really exist though. If there are no rules or nothing, you will band together with other people to protect yourself against me, who goes out and kills and fucks shit up, just because I can. Not saying that is what I would do, just an example.
There’s a line that seems to be drawn for what we know as freedom I guess, but I have no way of telling where order and chaos fit into that, really. Especially not when, it seems to me, freedom is often known as whatever you’re allowed to have or do or say, which makes it something debatable when comparing freedom from a whole buncha different places.
But it can be looked at in so many ways…don’t most governments already do whatever they want? Or are they also held in check by compromise, saving them from lynch mobs? you can rule me, but don’t take my smokes away I’m only really familiar with the punk dream of governmental destruction, but I don’t really think any potential, or at least, dreamed of alternative would be much different, in the end. I’d be prepared to agree, for whatever my understanding of it is worth.
By that I mean, circles and cycles would keep chasing their own tails, and most likely already are; have always been.
Some people want to rule, others want to be left in peace. That works out pretty good, but there’s a natural balance that seems to dismiss the idea of complete anarchy, AND utopia. Cultures also play a big role in this, I’m sure.

I live in a communist country. I don’t like it. I leave.

Some big cheese doesn’t wanna pay anyone for their work. So he establishes some system that allows him to do as he pleases. But if he wants to uphold it, he’s gonna have to meet some demands. Just like I will by moving to a country that runs on capitalism; maybe I don’t like it, but it’s better than communism. I’ll take what I can get. People adapt to too much shit to say that anarchy can ever really be real, but without regulations and shit…I’m not so sure. So I guess I agree. Until someone teaches me better, which I certainly hope includes something other than telling me I should just know that I’m an idiot. I already know that shit. now I demand a three day weekend!

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Hmmm. Not sure we ever had anarchy. Ever. Our current form of government grows out of tribal organization and family organization, not anarchy.

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@burntbonez that makes two of you now, I guess.

Maybe I need a more solid definition of Anarchy to work with. What would you suggest?

For me, I’ve always thought any ungoverned system would qualify as Anarchistic. That is, ungoverned by humans or any equally intelligent entity. And this, I’ve always thought, carries with it the internal flaw that every individual human in an anarchy technically fouls-up the “trueness” of the anarchy the moment he does anything intelligent and autonomous.

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@ninjacolin I don’t know what you mean. Humans have always had a form of organization that includes leadership. That’s government. I don’t know if we ever had an ungoverned system. Maybe for a few minutes when a random group of strangers comes together, but if that group has to do anything, within moments there is a form of government. It’s really interesting to watch it form, too.

I’ve hung out with a few anarchist organizations over the years. They definitely govern themselves. It’s hard to stay in anarchy at any time other than riots and pandemonium.

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I’d like to hear a better explanation and/or definition of Anarchy than the one I’m aware of.
The term “anarchist organization” sounds like an oxymoron to me and I’m leaning towards thinking Anarchy is an impossible ideal.

Hmmmmmm, I should pick up this book.

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