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What southern state has the most still-standing antebellum houses?

Asked by Carly (4555points) February 2nd, 2013
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This summer I’m planning on visiting a bunch of family members in different southern states. If I wanted to drive through cities/towns/neighborhoods that had a lot of antebellum houses, where would the best place be for that?

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I can’t quantity it but my daughter and I had a wonderful visit in Charleston, SC in April several years ago for their historic house and garden tours. There were both houses in town and plantations outside of the city.

The gardens and the antique wrought iron themselves were worth the trip. The interiors were top heavy with Georgian silver that uncle Beauregard brought with him from England.

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Here is a link to Georgia’s Antebellum Trail. This will guide you along The Plantation Trail in Mississippi and here you can learn about Louisiana’s River Roads Plantations tour.

I’ve covered a few. What specific states are you visiting? I’ll see if I can find additional information for you. I think it would be a fantastic road trip.

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Alabama – Eufala, for example. Some of the old white towns (yes, there were white towns and there were black towns – driving through, it it easy to tell the difference). Georgia north of Atlanta is pretty much a wasteland for antebellum houses, thanks to General Sherman.

Central Alabama small towns and southern Georgia are good areas.

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Eufaula, AL is charming but if you have limited time, you get more bang from your buck in the big cities like Charleston (and Savannah).

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@bkcunningham we’re starting in Virginia, then going to North Carolina, Georgia, then the panhandle of Florida. But we’re open to visiting other states, especially if we have to drive through them to get where we’re going (ie. South Carolina)

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Here is a list of some of Virginia’s plantation homes. Being from Virginia I can tell you I’d rather take a trip down Virginia’s Crooked Road.

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