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If I were to start a blog, what blog site might you recommend I choose?

Asked by Trissinger (638points) February 7th, 2013
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Though I have no experience with blogs, nor with setting one up, I would like to have a space of my own to write.

It may not end up being on a blog site, though I’d like to explore this option. And I know myself: I need to be writing to someone or I’m less motivated to slog it out.

Writing a friend a short vignette email has worked well for me in the past, perhaps I’ll write a friend with this purpose in mind.

But I’ve wandered from my question. So then, what one or two blog websites would you direct me towards?

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Wordpress, blogspot and tumblr are the three I know about. Of those, I’d say wordpress and blogspot are aimed at more verbal people, while tumblr is aimed at more visual people.

I think that all are equally difficult to learn to use, but I found blogspot easier than tumblr to understand. Then again, I started with tumblr, so maybe by the time I got to blogspot, it made more sense.

The visual stuff makes no sense to me, so if you’re like me, tumblr is not for you. I’ve never used wordpress, and may not even be naming it correctly. I’m a gmail and google+ person, so blogspot fits in with everything else google, and that makes it easiest for me. So that’s what I’d recommend if you want to deal with words, mostly.

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I used blogspot successfully.

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Wordpress is a bit more intricate, for people who know website design and coding.

My kung-fu isn’t good enough for Wordpress, so I’ve used Blogspot a couple of times and I like it quite a bit. It also ties in to Google if you’re a big Google fan.

Tumblr is easy-peasy. My friend uses it for her blog and loves it.

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Blogspot or Wordpress, although I’ve found WP to be the better place.

As for a topic, the sky’s the limit, but you seem to like life on the river and the outdoors, so go that route first and see what comes next.

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I use Wordpress and highly recommend it. There is so much you can do with it. The templates for the design of your site are endless. Mine is extremely simple. It’s one page. There are many more templates that are multiple pages and functions.

Blogspot has the advantage of being tied to Google, and I have a rarely used blog there, too. I just don’t go there. I prefer Wordpress.

I have never used Tumblr, so I can’t speak to its functionality. In fact, I’ve never even visited the site.

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I thought I’d check back to see if anyone answered my first question here on this site. What a pleasant surprise to find five answers! Thanks to you all. It sounds like Wordpress and Blogspot surfaced the most frequently, so I think I’ll head to those two first.
Thanks again!

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Blogspot has worked well for me.

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