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How to erase a horrible memory?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) February 8th, 2013
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This is really important!! Because I don’t want to go into the “how” of this situation I’ll keep it short: I just heard/saw my grandparents having sex. And when they realized I was in the house (luckily it was dark thank GOD) my grandpa made up some bullshit excuse for it _

I WANT TO SCRUB MY BRAIN WITH BLEACH!!! Please!! I beg all of you! Make this memory go away! Words cannot describe my anguish

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If you stare at [NSFW] this long enough you might forget about it. It should make you completely forget about old people having sex.

By the way I have this theory that some really old people would sound just like zombies moaning from the older zombie movies. Did they sound anything like that? LOL

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I heard my grandparents having sex when I was a teenager. I had that “eww” reaction for a short while but, you know, it’s just sex. No big deal. Good for them for still getting busy.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal you’re such an ass lol. Tbh, I thought my grandma was in pain and hurt, i was about to run in there. Glad I didn’t…..

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How horrific could it have been?????

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@cutiepi92 Yes, yes I’m just one big fucking ray of sunshine aren’t I? LOL

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. What doe “Tbh” stand for anyways?

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Use this as a gift to know when you are old, you too will be having sex.

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Just know that when you are old it will still be ok for you too. Go grandpa.

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@Shippy, jinx! You owe me a coke.

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^^ haha

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You exist because your grandparents engaged in sex. Same goes for your parents. While you can certainly avoid future instances of observing older relatives having sex, your mind will really not be destroyed by anything you saw. The truth is that healthy adults can and often do continue to enjoy having sex. You should only be so fortunate when you are an older adult.

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@Judi Go grandpa? Go grandma! Get it, girl!

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Sorry, but your brain is going to record it especially as you consider it traumatic. Just don’t think about it. Each time it comes into your midn substitute a good memory of grandmother or grandfather.

Also, grow up a little. Sex is a natural part of life.

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We all exist because of sex. It’s nice they can still go at it. A lot of older people lose the ability. Oh here’s one for you: What looks funny on grandma? Grandpa.

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You know I recently heard a myth: It states that if your grandparents wouldn’t have had children, neither will you. Does anyone know if this is true?


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Watch Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

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The statement is inherently true, if the people who became your grandparents didn’t want and instead never had children.

If they didn’t want children but gave birth to your parents anyway, then it’s not necessarily true or false.

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actually everyone, my mother was adopted. My grandparents couldn’t have children. So I’m going to be the technical ass here and say no neither I nor my mother is here because of my particular grandparents having sex. Which makes it way more gross in my mind :(

@Self_Consuming_Cannibal to be honest

None of u have helped me T_T lol

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You only think it’s gross because you’re young… when you are older you will realize it’s really not a big deal. Why should it be ‘gross’ for two people who love each other to express it physically, if they are old? Should only young people ever be physically intimate? (I’m not being snarky here, honest… it just reads that way:-))

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Write down this experience and hide it where you’ll find it 50 years from now. If you’re lucky, you’ll have changed your tune by then.

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@cutiepi92 Thanks for the clarification on “Tbh.” Also just a small tip, feel free to fluther “wherever” you please, but if you want an actual helpful answer to one of your problems, the “General” section is the best place to post. Here in the “Social” section serious helpful answers is optional and sometimes quite rare and straying from the topic at hand is completely allowed. Whereas in the “General” section you have to stay on topic and your answer has to at least look like you’re trying to be helpful.

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Try a different perspective, like: You have really cool grandparents because they are still having sex, do you think you’ll make better noise at their age, and It’s okay, older people do have sex.

Really laugh about it and it will all fade fast.

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Pennebaker’s writing therapy might help.

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@cutiepi92, my parents couldn’t have kids either. When I heard them as a little kid it was gross for me too. Then as an adult when my parents were a little older and I was married too I realized, like @choreplay mentioned, that it was really cool that they loved/enjoyed each other enough to have sex without the motive of having kids.
BTW- like @choreplay mentioned, the very thought of ANY of my relatives having sex kind of weirded me out until I started laughing about it and the idea went away.

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