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Could someone help me choose a wifi service for my laptop?

Asked by Satchafunkilus (59points) February 23rd, 2013
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I am currently in the AIT portion of my Army training, and I would like to go online with the lap I will be getting. I am a moderately big gamer, and I would like to be able to download and play games on and offline withoun an exorbitant cost.

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Wifi is something totally different; it is a regular ISP connection that the end-user hooks an 802.11 router to.

I think what you are looking for is closer to 3G/4G service, which has erratic ping. Granted, last time I tested my 4G, it had a 35ms ping compared to my home connection’s 28ms, but that is from someplace where I have 4 bars worth of reception. I’m not sure how it would handle a continuous connection such as that required by most shooters, but is fine for turn-based things.

Cost will likely bite you in the ass though. Real-time games generally have a pretty hefty data usage; figure 50MB/hr, or about 1GB every 20 hours. That is just for gaming and doesn’t count any other usage like net-surfing, system updates, patches, or the like. See here for more info.

You will probably be looking at a 10GB/month plan, so probably about $100/month.

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I found a potential product in ovation mc760. I just hope it is worth it. I am thinking that if I get the unlimited plan, I will have no problems, since I can burn through a lot of data rather quickly. If I cannot get the unlimited plan for some reason, I can still get a large plan and play games offline.

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I tried this product called Clear™ wireless broadband and it was working alright on the go, there’s some places that don’t get service though, so I had to take mine back for a refund. But, if you’re just looking to broadcast a wireless signal then get a router. I highly recommend Netgear™, especially the dual-band for gaming. I have comcast with a netgear router and I play League of Legends with minimal problems.

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