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Period Help?

Asked by Brookeassaurus (13points) February 25th, 2013
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Hi, I am Brooke. I am 14 and wondering when I will start my first period, I have no hair “down there” and thin hairs under my armpits, my mom and dad are divorced and I feel weird talking to my dad. Can someone talk to me about this and possibly give me their email?

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Welcome to Fluther I am sending you my e-mail if you want.

Don’t worry about your period yet, It can start as early as 8 and sometimes as late as 19. Like the pubic hair it will happen when the time is right, as long as there are no other problems, don’t worry. You do need to mention it to your regular doctor so they can monitor it. More information will be in a private message.

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@DrBill Are you actually a doctor? If so, what is your specialty?

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The medical term is primary amenorrhea (NIH). Other sites with trustworthy information are here (Wikip.) and here (eMedicine). The ability to go online is huge. So is the courage to ask about it.

Looks like at your age this is only borderline abnormal & not necessarily anything serious – but I’d start thinking about seeing a doctor (MD or DO) & don’t freak out over what might be nothing.

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I was 14 myself. Already in high school.

Seriously, it’s not a big deal. When it happens it happens, and then you’ll be wishing you could get rid of it.

If you’re really concerned, you can speak to your school nurse or your doctor.

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You are perfectly normal. Read this article for some helpful information.

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Gee, don’t they show the Disney film anymore? Never mind. It wouldn’t have answered your question anyhow. Normal has a wide range so don’t worry about that. Do you have another relative, female, who could answer female issue questions? Or a school nurse? Or favorite female teacher?

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@DrBill is correct. Being 14 and not having a period is normal. I was 11, and I have friends who started between 10 and 16.

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I’m about 90% certain that @DrBill is not a @Dr. Just throwing that out there.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I have two doctoral degrees that have an opposing opinion.

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@DrBill But you are not a medical doctor, are you?

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And what are those doctoral degrees in?

I have an honorary doctorate in theology. I bought it off the internet for $15. You may refer to me as The Reverand Doctor Alyson, if you like.

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@glacial you are welcome to come to my office and inspect them if you like.

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@DrBill Or you could just answer the question.

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Yes, and not the kind you buy on line.

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You still haven’t mentioned a subject.

As a matter of fact, I’ve talked with you many times in the time you’ve been here, and I’ve never heard you refer to your IRL profession in any way, and any “medical advice” you give is followed with a request for a PM.

Sounds like perv-phishing, to me. Anyone can stick a “Dr” in front of their name. Your profile suggests that you are a writer. A doctorate in literature hardly qualifies you to PM 14 year old girls about their periods.

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“Perv-phishing” is exactly the term for what I think is going on here.

@DrBill I never asked if you had a diploma. I asked if you are a medical doctor. And you still haven’t answered that question.

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Hm. Appears he claims he used to be a police officer, and then a teacher.

A year later I turned in my badge and became a teacher.

So… medical profession what?

Aaaand, the jackpot:

“Ph.D. theology
Ph.D. Education
M.S. Computer science”

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It appears our good Doctor is a man of many hats.

Franchise restaurant owner
Medical doctor
Police officer
Science teacher
Novelist and Technical Manual author
POW Camp survivor
Colonel in US Military

I could probably keep going, I seem to remember something about him being a karate instructor or something like that… but this list is satisfactory to cast doubt on anything Dr. Bill says, especially when he’s talking about sending emails to prepubescent girls to discuss the functions of their genitals.

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Wow. That is a lot of bullshit for one forum identity. Thanks.

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You must be feeling very inadequate, with your “bought on line” pretend degree .

Odd how you want credentials from others but are unable to provide any for yourself.

I challenge you to show any statement of mine that is not true, and btw I never said I was with the police.

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Not at all. I did it to prove that not everyone who claims to have a doctorate in theology actually went to school for it.

I’m an atheist who can, technically, be called “The Reverand Doctor Alyson”. Just like Billy Graham.

I’m hoping that you feel pretty red in the face, being called out on your strand of lies.

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[mod says] Let’s get back on topic, please.

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