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When we're preparing for a BIG snow, why do we focus on stocking milk?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45318points) February 25th, 2013
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Everyone I know does it. People are posting on FB about getting more milk than normal to prepare for the snow. I do it too, but the more I think about it, I’m not sure why! It’s just what we’ve always done.

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I suppose because it’s such a nourishing food.

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Yeah….you know, if you have flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk and potatoes you can make just about anything and make it last a loooong time.

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I don’t. We don’t drink milk. I make sure we have the things we use the most.

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We don’t. We make sure we have enough food/water and heat, but never never milk.

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In case you run out of bread…

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Hot Chocolate is a staple snowed-in food, and you need milk to make a proper cup of cocoa. And oatmeal. And cereal. And other milk-required food items. Mmm… milk.

Also, if there’s a good snow, you don’t have to worry about milk going bad. Just store it in a pile of snow. We did that every year at my uncle’s place.

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Coz all the cows hide in the drifts.

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I think this guy shares your opinion.

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If you normally just get enough milk to make it through a day or two, you may want to stock up if the weatherperson is predicting 4–5 days of no travel.

I never did see the point of buying milk if the power was likely to go out, we had a box of powdered milk for the occasions we couldn’t get fresh when I was growing up. I still can’t stand that stuff.

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Powdered milk…gag! However….my Mom always used it to make hot chocolate. Using regular milk feels like cheating!

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This whole thing about stocking up before a storm makes no sense to me. Maybe make sure you have eggs and milk, but if you already have them, there’s no need to get more. And with cupboards and freezers, it seems like we should already be prepared for a week, whether there’s a storm or not. So to me, a storm is no different from any other day.

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It is silly @wundayatta, but we still do it. It’s a throwback, I guess, to the days when Walmarts weren’t just around the corner, 24/7, rain or snow.

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We didn’t have any milk in the fridge for Sandy. I felt bad doing that. Like I wasn’t being American or something. But it turned out that it didn’t matter. And if it had mattered, the milk would have spoiled, anyway.

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Well, we didn’t have any milk for Sandy either. OR Katrina. But we’re in Kansas. And I was in the hospital. So it didn’t matter. :)

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We got two rain days off from Sandy. How many snow days have you had from this most recent storm?

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I never buy milk.I do keep several boxes of almond or soy milk around all the time.I stock up on canned soups that I can open and eat cold and finger food, like nuts, crackers, a small chunk of organic cheddar cheese,

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We’re expecting at least 10 inches of snow tomorrow. I went to Dollar General to get some snacks and toilet paper and I noticed the milk, bottled water and frozen pizzas were almost sold out. The liquor store was also busy. Everyone wants their pizza and beer around here.

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We’ve had snow almost every week here (according to weather reports “Big Snow“s). I haven’t’ done anything but typical shopping all winter long.

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Well, @wundayatta, they started cancelling last Wednesday afternoon. They cancelled Thursday, Friday, today (Monday.) It’s getting pretty bad again. Just waiting on the text saying school is cancelled AGAIN. Never had so many storm days off in my life. But…nothing that I can’t get out of.

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@SpatzieLover That’s kind of my point. It’s not like we’re going to be snowed in and cut off for weeks! Yet we still stock up on stuff.

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