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Review wire butterfly guitar picks?

Asked by jtxl (90points) March 14th, 2013
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Has anyone tried the wire type butterfly guitar finger picks (on ebay) ?[#121077058825]. I am a beginner and like the finger picking style. I drop my pick a lot and would like to hear from anyone who has tried the wire butterfly picks on ebay. The plastic wrap around picks look clumsy to me. I am also having trouble getting my frett fingers to toughen up so is there something I can use on those finger tips to help?

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I tried regular plastic ones and the experience was not what I had expected. The ones you mention above seem a lot better, still I think I would prefer to just use longer finger nails like Mike Oldfield does for instance – you get a better feel for the strings. As for the fret finger tips just practice, and they will get tougher over time (expect some skin to peel off every once in a while). I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but just like barre chords, and figuring out strumming patterns on your own, this is the way it is ;-) Good luck!

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