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Can I protect a folder on Windows 7 by setting up a password?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) March 18th, 2013
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I have Windows 7, and I have a folder with sensitive information under My Documents. Can I put a password protecting just that folder so not just anyone can get in? And if so, well, how?

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You can also add another bit of security to it by making the locker.bat file hidden so that other users wont even find the file that could give them access to your private files.

Sometimes when I want to hide things on my comp but they arent anything that really needs to be protected I’ll do this

I have a few of those folders on my desktop right now that have all my apps in them. Its nice, perfectly clean desktop with hidden buttons :P

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Since most of the people I know have above-average computer skills, I find simple tricks like that ineffective; they may work for people like my boss, but not against anyone with one-fifth my knowledge. I’m a Truecrypt guy.

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That’s a nice trick, @uberbatman, but unfortunately I have to agree with @jerv that anyone with the least bit of skill and knowledge would take a look at the batch file to find the password in plain text. It’s true enough that hiding the batch file would take somewhat longer for it to be discovered, but it’s still a password “hiding” in plain text, which is a pretty big failure. (Not that I don’t already do that for some applications that I don’t consider high-security, but still…)

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Oh I agree completely but that’s also really all you can do without a 3rd party program.

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It’s still pretty cute, though.

I do like the looks of TrueCrypt, though. Seems to work pretty well, too. Thanks for that, @jerv… even though it’s not my question.

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@ScottyMcGeester if you do opt for TrueCrypt, be sure to follow the instructions that say DO NOT ATTEMPT to make an existing folder or drive a TrueCrypt location; the existing location will simply be overwritten. I presume that a warning message would come up in TC, if you tried that, but those are often overlooked.

Make your TC folder brand new, and then move files into it.

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There is also the weak trick of “security through obscurity” where you just place the folder where no normal person would look. Like I said, it’s weak security, and putting up a shortcut would defeat the purpose so you’ll have to dig for it every time you access it, but most people wouldn’t think of digging through 5 layers of folders in the preferences for an application, so it’s surprisingly effective against casual snooping.

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@jerv That’s how I hide all my porn :P

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You can install a folder lock software on your computer. There are many such software available on the internet. Just download and install the software and select the folder you want to lock.

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