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Could someone please walk me through the process of linking to a specific place on a Youtube clip?

Asked by zenzen (4082points) March 22nd, 2013
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Not just to the video clip, obviously, but say, to minute 1:30 of a ten minute clip. Thanks!

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Pause the video at 1:30, right-click on the video, choose “copy video URL at current time”


Copy the video url, append #t=90s (time at 90 seconds in) to the end

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Book marked. Thanks @phaedryx.

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Got it. Yay.

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Finally, a general question I knew, and someone stole my thunder. I’ll never forgive you Phaedryx….

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@Blackberry if you could please send me a list of everything you know, I’ll look it over and avoid any related questions in the future


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@phaedryx Will do. Don’t worry, the list won’t take long lol.

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