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How can I make my amp sound clean?

Asked by thequestion123 (233points) March 22nd, 2013
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I have a maestro amplifier and a maestro gibson guitar. I messed around with the knobs on the amp and now the guitar sounds ugly and unclean. What is the best place to put each one of the knobs on the amp? Also, it is not on overdrive setting.

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Put the tones on the 7–10 range. Anything below that and you’re entering the “muddy” tone range or “fat clean” range. 7 and up is called bright. So on Low you want that so the whole thing sounds fat, put that at least an 7. Mids 8 or 9 then Treble either 8 or 7.

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Also switch the tone on your guitar to bright by using the neck pick up

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Is this a tube amp? Some links to your gear would help a little if possible.

I did a quick google search. If it’s the package I am looking at it. Then in all honesty its the amp mostly, I would think.

But I’ll wait for your response to confirm.

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Thank you for your help. The guitar is clean sounding now.

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