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What are you "too"?

Asked by janbb (59210points) March 27th, 2013
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I was engaging in some negative self-talk this morning and realized I was beating myself for being “too” needy or “too” vulnerable. What, if anything, physical or emotional do you think you are excessive in?

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I’m too worried about every little thing. I’m too critical of myself when it comes to how I interact with other people.

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Next question…

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I’m too often too sedentary,

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I’m picturing an elephant in a “too-too.”

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I’m too passive. I don’t take strong stands in my personal life. It’s been something I’ve worked on in the last 8 years.

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I am too anxious.

I was always told as a child that I was too sensitive, but I don’t think so. I think all those people were too hurtful.

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I can be a bit “too” critical of those that seem not very intelligent.
Being a fast brained, articulate and well informed type sometimes I can be a bit inwardly snobby around those that seem to lack strong self expression, logic, and have no intellectual curiosity.
It’s a work in progress.

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I’m too much of a data taker.

21 letters, 6 spaces, 2 special characters

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Too naive. I have this belief that no one wakes up in the morning and says “let’s be an ass hole today.”
People say things to me sarcastically and I think they’re serious. I am always surprised by intentional meanness.
Because of this I am often misunderstood. I am pretty blunt sometimes but my intent is never to hurt. People who know me just laugh it off if my words come out in a less than tactful way. People who don’t know me get offended. I’m getting better but sometimes it’s just a blind spot for me.

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too f*cking pathetic. I make me sick. And saying that makes me even more disgusted with myself.

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Too… What’s the word for procrastinatory? Oh never mind… I’ll get around to looking it up pretty soon.

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…sexy for my shirts, so sexy it hurts.

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@ucme Must be hard to be you! :-)

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@janbb, Nah, i’m easy-going, easy on the eye & easily pleased…hope that eases your mind ;-}

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@ucme I know: I just like messin’ withcha.

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Too cranky, too anxious, too moody, and currently… too hungry.

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As do I, “messing withcha”...librarians do it in silence.

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Stubborn, impatient, tend to be judgemental more than I like. I’m working on myself though.

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A God.

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Too stubborn.

syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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I want things done the “right” way, which often means “my way”

I need to be a slightly less big dude.

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Too hesitant to make decisions, too pessimistic, too disinclined to believe others’ praise. (Always a work in progress.)

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Too worried, too sensitive, too messy, too lazy.

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I’m too much like Judy ^^ around people.

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@janbb, TOOTALLY!

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I’m too fabulous and too ambitious.

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Too arrogant, my way is the best way, my opinion is the best opinion.

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Too frightened… It gets in the way sometimes. Staying put too long and not taking chances. Also, too much of a procrastinator! Wow, I’m living life with my feet nailed to the floor!

@Janbb being needy and vulnerable I think are just ways of saying that you would rather not be stomped upon and treated harshly. It’s not you… It’s the world which sometimes is rather harsh.

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Apparently the Swedes have an expression (which I can’t vernacularize as my father used to do of his father, so I won’t even try):

Too soon old; too late smart.

EDIT: That, and too overweight (though I’m told I carry it well).

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@CWOTUS Nobody likes snuggling with a stick, anyway. My husband is 30–35 pounds heavier than when we met. I like it. He was a ripped Adonis then, but he’s my beloved teddybear snugglebuns now. Hot.

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Too nice.

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Too sensitive, too loud, and too little.

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Too cynical.
Too paranoid.
Too tired to give a shit about anything anymore.
Too sad.
Too sensitive.

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I’m too good at procrastination!

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Too sensitive, too generous.

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Too sad.

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Too sensitive, too concerned about what other people think of me.

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…too shy, shy, hush-hush, eye to eye.

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@janbb Awwww, took me off guard again, honey. :) PM if you want.

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Too much ruminating over things in the past. Too dissappointed and hurt when people are extremely greedy and lack integrity. Too quick to temper lately. Too stressed.

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too laid back about everything.

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Too unassuming and too old.

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I think the formative years when you’re young and around people who make stupidity cool can effect you forever. For years I was hindered by fear of being called “brain”, “nerd”, “weird” to the point where social interaction was a chore to be avoided.

Through good friends (and therapy) I’ve overcome my paranoia mostly and it’s freedom in the nuthouse now!

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Too sensitive, too fearful, too proud
Oh and I almost forgot, too self-critical….I could probably come up with 20 more things, just give me a minute

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Too trusting. I like assuming the other person is being honest and harbors no malice, and I miss signs that this is not the case.

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Lately I’ve realized that it isn’t just procrastinating, I’m too lazy!

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I am too:

Socially awkward
Worried about failure
Hard on myself
Tired lately

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@ucme Lol, I know the song, but really, do you expect us to believe that?

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@Earthgirl Levity aside if that can be done with an Ucme post, Do you know how many people think of themselves as “shy” whom others see as “outgoing”?

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@Blueroses No, I don’t. Do you??? I myself am not good at faking it, but online it is so much easier to fake!

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@woodcutter WHAT WAS THAT?? Speak up, I can’t hear you! I got that a lot in grade school

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Too fat. Too loud. Too rude. Too lazy. Too complacent. Too depressed. Too living.

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•Too aloof.
•Too serious.
•Too analytic.
•Too worried.
•Too confused.
•Too tired.

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Sarcastic, cynical, lazy

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Too much inclined to sloth. Too empathetic. Too poor.

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@Earthgirl Yeah, that was expecting too much :-)
Too bee, or knot too bee…that iz the kweshtion.
I’m too careless with spelling Shakespearean quotes.

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Sometimes thin skinned, sometimes hard headed. But usually just about perfect ;-)

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Too sexy

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@Luiveton psst! Here’s a shirt. Yours doesn’t work anymore.

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