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Which of you jellies is lurking?

Asked by JLeslie (64653points) April 9th, 2013
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Just wondering who is out there lately who is watching, giving out lurve, smiling, rolling their eyes, but not asking questions or answering anything themselves.

Let’s say this is kind of a roll call for lurkers.

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It wasn’t me officer, I wasn’t there, IT was someone that looked like ME.

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We elephants are better at lumbering than lurking, so I always try to comment on topics I have experience with or offer opinions (sometimes judgments) on, ask questions that pop into my head, and give lurve to others.

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I am, I am. I’ll be back in full force when I quit my part time job.

In the mean time ya’ll keep this site going.;->

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By answering this question, the answer automatically becomes no.

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That is an accurate description of my behavior on Fluther lately. I’ve only been able to go on for small sporadic times in the past few days so I’m usually too lazy to do much.

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I lurk and give out lurve daily. I feel like I know everyone really well, but no one knows me. Haha.

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^^I haven’t met you before. Hi.
I just lurk when my mind is in neutral. I may come back later when I’m more responsive.

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@8Convulsions: Don’t be so sure.

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It can’t be me! I wade in to more questions than perhaps I should.

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I’ve been mostly lurking since I’ve been so busy with procrastinating schoolwork. There have been tons of questions I’ve wanted to answer but I just haven’t had the time or the energy to put up a good argument! I’ve popped in on a couple questions in the past few days, though. Hopefully I’ll have more time as I get closer to summer break!

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@8Convulsions well come and talk to us more. We would love to learn more about you.

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Chronic lurker here. I mostly feel incapable of adding anything substantive to the topics by the time I’ve arrived. I’m traveling a great deal this month and only have time for fluther-bys at best.

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I’ve been really busy the last few months, so I’ve been checking in quickly, but not necessarily participating at my normal level.

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I do daily checking and lurking. Asking, commenting and lurving is when I have a chance or cannot resist.

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I’m barely even lurking. School is hard. :( I’ll be back in the summer.

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Ooowoo ooh oowooOOOH!!

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^ That’s haunting not lurking.

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I’ll have to finish up this MA before I can come out of lurking. Just a couple months left!

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I have been lurking & lurving. If I don’t get through these next few horrid weeks of my last semester of classes EVER, they won’t let me go back to FRANCE with the GRANT I just got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Bellatrix Don’t make me float through you! I will, I’ll do it I will!

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Shivers! Someone walked over my grave. It was you wasn’t it @Some_Ghost!!!

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Wow, you really are here… I can feel you close by or you were a minute ago.

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I know the dude, whose avatar is a black & white photo of me at the age of about 2 YO, is lurking. ;-)

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Wow, I don’t know half these jellies, that makes me feel weird…lol

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I sometimes do but only when I can’t think of anything to ask.

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Good for you @JLeslie for asking something to draw out the shy ones.

I’ll never forget the feeling of thinking this is a community of smart and funny (and annoying) people and I like to read… but I’m not “qualified” to respond.

Now… just try to shut me up!

If you’re lurking, jump in on something that means something to you.

You’ll be surprised by the responses.

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This doesn’t answer the question, but…I just realised I love @Some_Ghost . I do.

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You and me both @longgone. So, you can’t have him.

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@Bellatrix: Well, well…let’s just see who gets to him first. @Some_Ghost : You’re very welcome to haunt my attic.

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I seem to alternate between lurking and posting, depending on my stress level and my mood.

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^^And she’s always stressed and moody! :D

Time for a lurker party? @Bellatrix and @Some_Ghost are already running around naked, and I found Auggie’s secret stash of chocolate and liquor…

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I’m lurking this week. I’m on staycation!

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I want to lurk and have been doing a small amount of it. I have just been really focused in another direction right now.

I still love Fluther and it’s members. I still contribute when I probably should keep my mouth shut. Just not often.

Love that people are keeping this site going. Wish that there were more hours in a day.

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I am usually careful (choosy) about what I will ask and answer, because I a bit paranoid about people I know somehow finding out who I am on this site, or in the future, figuring out who I am. I feel that if someone wanted to, and searched my previous posts, they could figure out who I am by my job, my location, etc., so I am careful. I also am careful because I am somewhat of a private person, and so I would hate to be the subject of gossip, either on Fluther or in real life.

I usually keep private stuff about my love life and other personal stuff off of FB, too.

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>>Lurk lurk<<

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Isn’t it past your bed time, Chuck?

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Isn’t past all of y’all’s bedtimes?

(gotta love a double apostrophe. It’s a literary style, man, Don’t judge me.)

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Awww…AstroChuck is still lurking around. That makes me happy.

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I love seeing you lurkers, @Nimis!

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