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Can you suggest a good bass amp (specs in details)

Asked by wds2 (230points) April 16th, 2013
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I play bass in my (very amateur) skapunk/skalternative band. I’m looking for a decent bass guitar amp in the $200–300ish price range. It should be at least 12in and must have a very warm, bright sound. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

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Check and Musicians Friend has a special for today on a 2–10 inch with 200 watt bass amp.

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My son had a used Marshall that he was very happy with.

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Ampeg has been a popular Bass Amp for over 40 years, Seymor Duncan are Good if you get one with 400 up to preferably 800 Watt Amp, the more power you have, the cleaner your sound is going to be, I would suggest looking in Active Pick-ups as well, Seymor Duncan also makes excellent Active Pick-Ups, I would go with at least a15” speaker as well, hope this helps

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Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp

Would be my recommendation. Warm + Bright just like you’re looking for.
Sometimes they exist on Craigslist. Especially down here in lower California being there are a ton of surf bands and retired surf musicians with all these Fender Reverb, Music Man gear.
Also if none are in your area, eBay does one hell of a job protecting buyers.

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I have a friend who’s been playing bass for longer than a lot of jellies have been livng. He swears by Marshall, whether it’s stacks of them on tour or a single in his practice studio.

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