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What are some of your favorite hidden gems of the internet?

Asked by jsammons (1143points) April 18th, 2013
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In the job that I work, there is a lot of downtime so I spend a lot of time browsing the web. I have regular sites that I visit to pass the time (cracked, gameinformer, facebook, etc.) but I’m looking for more places to visit. What are some of your favorite gems of the internet?

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I enjoy Pinterest quite a lot. Don’t know about it being a hidden gem though.

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Fluther is one.

@Blueroses I spent a lot of time with TPBF a few months ago. At first, I was like “This is the best thing I have ever seen!!!” But after a certain number of strips, it just makes me terribly sad.

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The Digital Public Library of America site. Officially launched today.

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Oh yeah @Pachyderm_In_The_Room! I just heard about this, and in a completely de-threading and flutheresque “what does my dream mean?” way…. I had dreamed something very similar before the announcement.

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@Blueroses Thank you so much, you’ve given me hours of new things to read and laugh at at work! Also, I took a look at the perry bible fellowship like you said; awesome site!

@dxs A very useful site for when you need to get a point across, thank you!

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room It’s always nice to see informative content like this, nice!

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@Michael_Huntington I’ll be hopping over to take a look at all of those momentarily.

While it’s not a site, I would highly recommend for folks to check out Lee Camp’s youtube channel ’Moment of Clarity’. That’s good stuff.

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I can’t believe I left off my very favorite site. It’s a time-killer, laugh-til-you-drop, and fascinating history of old vs. new. Start with The Institute of Official Cheer and move on to postcards from the road and matchbooks.

My very favorite site of all time.

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@Blueroses I’ve been reading over hyperbole and a half, The Perry Bible Fellowship (which is amazing), and just started reading over Passive Agressive Notes. I will gladly take a look over this one too, thanks!

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@geeky_mama and @YARNLADY Thank you both for your links, I’ll be looking over those as well!

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I’m glad @geeky_mama included Upworthy. There’s also TED with all its wonderful TED Talks. I also signed up for and got a channel there. Doing so gets me an email a day with suggestions based on what I tend to like to watch.

And while you did say at work, here’s a couple that are NSFW but unique among that genre. MakeLoveNotPorn lets you rent videos of real couples really making love, free from all the gonzo tropes that commercial porn has. You can also earn a few bucks by making a video and uploading it for others to rent. And if you want to find teasing vids or even order a custom made tease without all the costs and risks of typical webcam sites, check out ExtraLunchMoney for something completely different from ordinary Internet porn.

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@ETpro Thanks for the suggestions! I clicked over to TED real quick and it looks like an interesting website with lots of subjects to make you think. I will be enjoying it very soon. I find all reaches of the internet interesting and will most definitely check out MakeLoveNotPorn and ExtraLunchMoney later to see what they’re all about. Thanks again!

snowberry's avatar It’s a travelogue about Spud the Potato Head. It’s hysterical, and has a zillion places he’s traveled to. If you can’t afford a vacation, or don’t have more than 15 minutes, go here.

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@snowberry Haha, it never ceases to amaze me with what you can find on the internet.

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@ETpro Out of all of the internet I’ve seen, one of the most memorable is a TED talk about how love acts on the brain like a narcotic. Good stuff.

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@Blueroses Direct tie in the the first NSFW link I posted. You’re referring to Gary Wilson’s TEDx Glasglow Talk. Interestingly, the speaker in one similar themed TED talk, Cindy Gallop, is the founder of, which I linked to above. Of course, you may know that but I mention it for those who don’t.

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@ETpro Actually, it was Helen Fisher’s The Brain in Love

But now I’m going to look at your links, of course. :)

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Oh, I hadn’t listened to that one @Blueroses. Thanks and I will be doing the same.

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Logorama, if you can find it. I had two links to it, but I’m not able to reach one because of the firewall here at… ahem… work, and the other one was pulled by the copyright owner, so they may be enforcing the rights to that pretty jealously. It’s a very funny short animation of a crime / chase รก la Pulp Fiction and other cop & crime movies, set in a Los Angeles that is composed of buildings, automobiles, geographic locations – and the whole world – completely represented by corporate logos in sometimes compromising characterizations.

I know someone in Germany who would love it.

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I also like “design” websites of all stripe. Here’s a representative example. Mostly I just admire the genius that it takes to reinvent things that we already use all the time.

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I just happened to notice this, which you may enjoy if you’ve seen the Dove “Real Beauty” thing on Facebook recently.

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And life just wouldn’t be worth living without Portlandia.

I am really going to have to get to work sometime soon later today someday maybe.

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Fluther and Quora, and Spotify for the musical accompaniment!

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Rose and Camelia – Regain your honor as the head mistress of the household by old-fashioned bitchslapping battles with snobbish women.

And of course the endless hours I’ve lost of my life to Reddit

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Lots of discussions about science and philosophy on Closer to Truth

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@flutherother Just imagine what would happen if you asked those questions here on Fluther.

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They have his programs running regularly on our local PBS Station (Detroit Mich.) and I have a DVR full of his stuff and coincidentally, I’m watching some of it now :)

I also regularly watch “Through The Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman, a similar concept with some overlapping ideas and questions as those which Khun talks about.

Really good stuff. Are you familiar with it. It’s on the web also for anyone interested.

The rest of the site is pretty good also.

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I invented the genre, @Blueroses.

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I knew that when I bought a roll of cywotustape

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I just discovered this wonderful site, you could spend the rest of your life here

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Thanks for that open culture link yarn lady! Awsome site!

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