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What about protesting against acts of terrorism?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) April 22nd, 2013
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What if there was a large scale protest against terrorism itself?

Something to bring awareness to those who may be sleeper cells or amateur terrorist planners or disgruntled workers with ammunition stores that violence really isn’t a good idea for anyone including the terrorist and their organization.

A protest and awareness campaign to divide militant groups at the conscious level.

Any thoughts about what such a campaign would be like and how it would turn out long term?

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It’s better to take them out with a Hellfire missile. That will show them violence isn’t a good idea.

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Uh, I think by holding a protest, you would be setting yourself and your protest group up to being a target. People that are terrorists don’t give to hoots about what anyone thinks about the fact that their violence is really a good idea.

The rest of us regular folks already know that terrorism is a bad thing, the terrorists don’t care. It would be a much better idea for people, especially the government, to figure out the who/why/where and how (profiling if you will) of people that have already committed terrorist acts and do everything that they can, legally and without limiting people’s freedom, to prevent or mitigate the likelihood of more attacks, and to be prepared, in all ways (financially, trained personnel, first responders, enough medical equipment and transportation to hospitals, etc.) to limit the number of casualties.

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Of course it’s risky. No doubt. But the government is already doing everything you suggested, @Kardamom, to the best of their abilities. Violence continues to happen. So what other resources do we have? What more can be done? What can the people do on their own?

“the terrorists don’t care.” and “terrorists don’t give two hoots” – these are big assumptions.

You don’t believe terrorists have any humanity left that can be persuaded by a well crafted appeal? If not then you must not work in marketing or sales. I’m a firm believer that people can be sold given the right pitch and I’m a firm believer that terrorists are people too.

The right argument broadcast to hundreds of would-be terrorists should produce a 1% return on investment at least. At least a little doubt! From a little interest/doubt.. it could mean 1 person out of a group of 200 who decides they haven’t made the right choice and that might be enough to tip off the right person and eventually bring down a whole cell.

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@ninjacolin Did you hear the latest from the mosque that Tamerlan (the older brother of the Boston bombings) attended?

According to witness accounts: His mosque had a leader preaching tolerance and peace in January. The leader stated that MLK, Jr. was a person to emulate.

This was apparently extremely objectionable to Tamerlan. (According to the TV interviews I watched today, other worshipers were shocked that he stood up & spoke. The recounting of this came from a leader at the mosque).

What do you think protesting does here in the USA when done for the Westboro Baptist Church? As far as I can tell it does nothing to stop them and incites them further.

I think counter-terrorism is best left to those trained in spotting radicals assimilating into daily life here while studying how to best hit soft targets. Today’s news from Canada is a prime example of successful investigative agencies thwarting an attack.

The best information coming out of last week’s attack in Boston is the cameras that captured the bomb drop. While the cameras didn’t hinder the suspects, they do show terrorist cells how quickly images of the attack and the attackers were able to be analyzed.

IMO, protesting will do nothing. Education and vigilance are key to thwarting attacks. Contacting agencies to tip them off to potential attacks/attackers is and always has been key to countering terrorism.

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Long term, I think the best thing we can do to thwart terrorism against America is show ourselves to be a peaceful nation. Promote peace and tolerance, and actually practice both.

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@augustlan emphasis on the “promote” part.

@SpatzieLover said: “According to witness accounts: His mosque had a leader preaching tolerance and peace in January. The leader stated that MLK, Jr. was a person to emulate. This was apparently extremely objectionable to Tamerlan. According to the TV interviews I watched today, other worshipers were shocked that he stood up & spoke ”

Perfect! That’s what I want to see. I want to have an argument, a discussion. I want education and persuasion taking place! Like at that mosk. That’s a great example of what direct messages can do.

His outrage was a big sign for those around him. His parents or friends or other family could have seen this as a sign. A tip off could have come very early if not directly to the government, then maybe to an elder or friend in the community who could have held an extended conversation with him.

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That gives me one protest idea: imagine if every mosk held peace and tolerance discussions for 10 weeks straight. Imagine how that would make many in their communities squirm, speak out, and get involved in discussions and verbal exchanges.

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According to the article, the charges were, obstruction and disturbing the education process.

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Can you elaborate on that, @Jaxk. What does that suggest to you?

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I keep hearing that most muslims are moderate and peace loving but the problem is they don’t protest when those among them show the signs of radicalism. Even now, I am not hearing islamic leaders decrying what these two have done. If the average muslim is really interested in showing the rest of the world how moderate they are and how peaceful their religion is, then they should be a bit more vocal when atrocities occur. And the way they kill each other on their own soil as well. I wish they would protest a hell of a lot louder and enthusiastically. But I don’t see it happening. And if we infidels protest, we will be called racist, and guilty of insult. Protest sounds like a good idea but I don’t see it having much impact.

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Are you serious?

Protesting may make us feel good, like we’re actually accomplishing something.

But it will have ZERO effect on the terrorists. Remember that terror is an irrational action – it is done not to achieve an end, but to achieve terror, which has no return.

So protesting will fall on deaf ears. Total waste of time.

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Uh, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work. Protesting is for approaching sane people. You would have better luck protesting congress. Just imagine people preparing for an attack: “Hey guys, check this out…...These people don’t want us to blow them up. Well, I’m gonna order a pizza and play Black Ops.”

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Protesting against terrorism is like fucking for chastity.

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Along with every MLB fan, I sang “Sweet Caroline” with Neil Diamond. (Well, to be more precise, I sang the “buh, buh, buh” and “so good, so good, so good” parts.)

To paraphrase a quote that I read earlier today, a sing-along is a much better response to terrorism than invading Iraq.

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A big demonstration against terrorism will likely be bombed by at least on terrorist group. You have to understand that people that murder indiscriminately don’t think like normal people. A demonstration will certainly draw their ire.

Indiscriminate murders will not respond to public opinion. They only listen to the maniacs that train them.

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Has anyone watched the singing of the National Anthem before the Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabers hockey game? It is amazing.

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Sorry ignore that post, it was supposed to be on another thread.

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Risk aversion is such a high priority for so many. It bothers me, really.

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We need large scale protest against both terrorism and totalitarian ideologies considered to be breeding grounds for terrorism. We should demand a sharia-free and fatwa-free world. We should show zero tolerance for racism, misogyny, neo-Nazism, white supremacy movements and the like.

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