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Do cats greet you at the door when you get home like dogs do? In what manner?

Asked by Aster (20021points) April 24th, 2013
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When I get home the dogs are squealing, squeaking, jumping all over me, hopping up and down. When cat owners get home how do their cats act?

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Mine almost always does, yowling like a bansshee and rubbing my leg, because he thinks that when I come home, regardless of the time, it’s time for him to eat. Much to his chagrin, sometimes it’s not.

Cats are great.

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“And just where the fuck do you think you’ve been til this hour…hmmm?”

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I posted it wrong. I meant in what way do cats greet their owners?

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Yes, @Aster, I realized that and amended my comment.

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Milo always emerges from some mysterious spot, rubs his flank against my calf, does several figure eights around my ankles,and gives me the look if his bowl is empty.

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Cats don’t stoop to those types of antics typical of dogs .They’re much more dignified about it.

They’ll usually prefer an initial brief nose touch (that’s what they do with each other) followed by some leisurely rubbing their cheeks all over you, strolling back and forth around your legs asking to be petted followed by (if you’re lucky)! Some contented purring.

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Schrodinger stays outside when I’m out.

He doesn’t use a litter box, and we had one too many disagreements about whether my bed is the best place to have an emergency bathroom break.

But, I’m pretty sure he knows the sound of my car. Whenever I roll up the driveway, I can see him bounding across the yard from wherever he had been. Mrow! Feed me! Mrow!

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Yes! Sadie, my doggie, and Martin, my three-legged cat, both come running to the door. Sadie wags her tail madly, and Martin loudly meows his greetings. No matter how bad or discouraging my day might have been, I’m instantly cheered by my little welcoming committee.

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French Kiss.

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Spoony THE Cat shows up for the ceremony @Buttonstc describes, unless I happen to show up when she’s in deep sleep. Same goes for when my wife comes home.

I once lived in Venice, California and had a big black cat named Theresa. I lived on the beach side of Pacific Coast highway, but nearly a block form the parking lot at the beach where I’d park my car. Theresa always heard the unique sound of my car heading toward the parking lot, and would run down there and jump on top of the concrete wall that surrounded the lot. As I approached, she would jump down, do the figure 8 around the legs thing, then walk me back to our place.

Anybody who says cats are cold, selfish animals has just never bothered to become fast friends with one.

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Depends on the cat.

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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I used to have a cat who was always sitting on the window sill when I came to the front door and then would run to the hall.

Jasper doesn’t bother. He may come to the kitchen to scold me for not filling his bowl sufficiently or appropriately, but he doesn’t ‘greet’ me when I’ve slacked off in my duties by leaving my post.

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I’ve had lots of cats. Milo, my current cool kitty (named after one of my students, not after @gailcalled‘s owner:) greets us JUST LIKE the dogs do. I’ve never had a cat do exactly that before. He’ll come trotting up, with the dogs behind them, then they’ll all three sit down at look at us like, “Well, welcome home. Now we can eat.” They won’t eat if we BOTH aren’t home.

If he’s outside, he’ll come flying up from where ever he was, then sit down and look at us.

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My cat does, he screams in my face and trips me.

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My grandsons cat does. When Mr T comes home, Waffles runs up to him and meows to get picked up.

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My daughter’s cat greets her at the door and waits to be picked up for some cuddling and conversation. If my daughter has been away too long, the cat scolds her vocally for a while, but always forgives her. Our family cats came and went as they wished. I’d do it differently another time.

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Ours do often, but not always. I suspect the creatures face a dilemma: their curious nature wants to investigate what smells the person has brought home with them, yet their lazy asses don’t want to move. The most compelling motivator is definitely an empty food dish, but if they hear the rustle of shopping bags, the curiosity is also likely to win.

They will walk up to me, some are ankle rubbers, but I’ve had cats that will stop and want to be pet and will even arch up into your hand.

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@deni Damn it! I was in the middle of a sneeze when I read your response. I tried burst out laughing and sneezed at the same time and it hurt!

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Some sure do, the nice ones. Some of them are arrogant ingrates.

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I used to have several cats. One, the high-born purebred who was queen of my heart, would acknowledge my return with a scornful stare. “Where the fuck have you been? Have you been consorting with other cats?” But then she’d forget her haughtiness and cuddle with me all night.

The other, a rescued feral stray, would always scurry up with her tail at full-mast, as if she had been blown in by a breeze. She didn’t really hang out with me, but always welcomed me back as one of the pack.

I miss cats. They’re so fucking charming :(

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@Dutchess_III hahaha That does sound painful. It is really funny, and my cat is extremely vocal. He just grunts and grumbles til I hold him like a baby, it’s hilarious. When I invite someone over for the first time they often gawk at him.

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“Dogs come when they’re called; cats come when they’re interested.”
You just have to be interesting enough to make it worth the trip to them ;)

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Our cat used to greet my brother and I from school. He would always wait for us at a certain point about half way between the school and home and then walk us back!

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All four of ours do. Its like a cat stampede. They get very vocal. Our smallest one wants up in our faces to give licks on the nose. The biggest guy wants his tail pulled.
When we come home, the cats give a singing stampede… the dog bounces up and down whilst having a full body wag-a-thon. Even the fish comes to the front of the tank.

Coming home is like getting a standing ovation.

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“Coming home is like getting a standing ovation.” Lol!

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@Plucky That sounds like a total fun-fest !

For a while I lived with two cats, who both would greet me when I got home. The older one was a very calm but curious cat (he would eat a small bit of anything I was eating, including carrot, just to share). He would greet with a mellow and pleasant air.
The other was an athletic small female orange kitty who had an elaborate name but answered only to Orange-Kitty. She was more likely to be tearing around the apartment as a form of greeting, with stops in front of me to make sure I was watching.

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Most of my cats did. They always knew when I was coming home too by sitting in the window waiting for me. Sometimes they would greet me with a kiss, headrub, meow or all three. Dogs are much more overbearing when they greet you though it seems.

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My mothers’ cat just sends me a postcard.

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Vanta usually acts like she hates us but she’s never very far away.
When she was an indoor outdoor cat she always came running when our car pulled in the driveway.

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