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What do the school girls in your area look like?

Asked by LornaLove (10034points) April 30th, 2013
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I have just moved to a different country. So currently everything looks a bit different or strange.

The other day we drove past the local school. And the school ‘kids’ where spilling out.

I was quite shocked to see most of the girls had tight minis on with a fishnet type of stocking. When I say mini I mean micro mini. Plus had their hair done up in a new wave type beehive and loads of makeup.

Where I come from this is unheard of I have mixed feelings about this. Why am I angry that school girls are dressing (a bit like hookers?). I can’t work out as to why I am so shocked regards this. Perhaps it is minors sexualization of themselves and the results it can cause? But is that their issue anyway? Your thoughts appreciated. And is this a world wide trend? (When I say make up I mean plastered on).

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I have no idea. They are totally covered in tentacles.

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At my daughter’s school, they all wear uniforms – so it’s a blue polo shirt and either dark blue pants of a blue-plaid, knee-length, skirt.

Public school kids can wear what they want, but I see a lot of colored stretch pants (think yoga pants), sneakers or Uggs boots, and a tee shirt or hoodie. This is pretty much what my daughter wears when she’s not in school also.

Nothing like you’re describing.

Oh, and I’m in New England, US.

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All schools here have children wear uniforms.

Girls over 10 years in age will wear a wide black robe/dress over their uniform as soon as they leave the schools / enter public space.

Most girls that are old enough to wear makeup hide their faces behind a scarf, a veil or some other piece of dark cloth.

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@cookieman. Where I moved from I guess we kept it natural. And schools were quite strict. Definitely no makeup. The school here that I am describing is wearing a uniform. But appearing to modify it. I think my question would have read better if I had asked ‘what do you see as problematic regards this type of garb?’. (I’m in the UK).

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I live in a town that is more affluent than most. The kids here dress for comfort. Some of the girls dress pretty sexily, but not trashy. I pick my kids up from the high school a couple time a week, and the girls usually wear shorts and t shirts or blouses. But during registration last August, one girl wore an oversize but skimpy tank top over her bra, so she really wasn’t covered up over her bra, and short shorts. She was able to pull it off though, being very good looking and in great shape.

It’s not unusual for the girls on the volleyball team to wear their uniform bottoms to class, which are really nothing more than bikini bottoms. Drives the boys crazy.

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@LornaLove Ever read any Dave Barry? He described the way young girls dress here as “Too slutty to work in the local brothel”. I toned that down but the idea is still there.

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Normal kids. Yoga type pants, appropriate shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, etc… The girls tend to start wearing a little bit of makeup in the 5th and 6th grade. Not pancake hooker makeup, just a little bit. The hooker makeup starts in high school, with the cheerleaders.

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@WillWorkForChocolate. Maybe it’s a southern hemisphere thing whereby the more natural look is favored. But perhaps too schools are stricter. I’m told Jordan the celebrity here is to blame !

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Where are you living? Beehive hair-dos and fishnets. Sounds like another decade, not another country.

The school kids around here dress in mostly appropriate clothes at school. Jeans, t-shirts, leggings, dresses, some shorts, etc. Most school dress codes require your shirts/skirt/dress to end beyond your fingertips and your sleeve to be at least 2–3 fingers thick. No bare midriffs or underwear visible.

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I believe you now live somewhere over here in Britain @LornaLove, that being the case i’m fairly confused. At my daughters school girls must dress in their uniform with no allowance for accessories of any kind & certainly no overdone make-up or ridiculous hairstyles.
Maybe this school you saw has very low standards as far as dress code goes, because it’s unlike any i’ve seen or heard.

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No uniforms here, kids pretty much dress as they want, although I have to assume that schools have regulations and dress codes. That said, most kids look pretty normal, although there sure is a thing with skinny jeans going on, for both the girls and the boys.
Not many micro skirts or fishnets for the girls though.

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I’m guessing it varies by community in countries like the UK. In America it varies greatly by community. Some public schools have uniforms, some parts of the country have rules that don’t allow spaghetti strap tops (we just had a Q on that) skirts must be a certain length, midriff cannot be shown, all students must wear a shirt with a collar, but other schools have much fewer rules for dress code.

I don’t know of any public schools that don’t allow make-up, but there are some private schools that don’t allow make-up, hair must be short or pulled back, etc. I am pretty sure all private schools have uniforms and I doubt they can add fishnets when they go to school, but they might wear fishnets after school.

Note: public schools in America are not affiliated with religion at all.

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The nearest school to me is a well-to-do private boarding school and, I imagine, the school fees are extortionate. Everyone wears a blazer and tie and the girls were skirts of a respectable length with flat shoes. It’s a far cry from my own school memories, the mini skirt, big hair and lots of make-up were the norm at my school! I live in the south of England.

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Nice try, Pedobear.

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Hot. But they always have.

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Phew, thanks for reminding me how grateful I am to no longer be in high school…

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@LornaLove: Where do you live – just curious.

Here they don’t necessarily dress like that but they wear tight jeans and stuff. They’re pretty built, which people speculate is due to the hormones in milk and meat. They have bigger chests than I do, LOL.

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At the high school near me there are dozens of variations, but the majority wear jeans, T-shirts and canvas shoes (tennies). In dress, they look exactly like the boys.

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Just normal kids, mostly. A few dress a little too sexily for my tastes, but not many. Most are in jeans, shorts, tees or nice shirts, cute dresses, mini-skirts, but not micro-minis. Make-up is (mostly) not too overdone.

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I am in the UK, quite far north! Maybe the image I gave was not that accurate. Maybe I am behind the times. But there is a new beehive albeit softer than its predecessor. But yes definitely micro minis and fishnets. Oh well times change and countries towns and schools differ. Eyeliner is so pronounced I believe it is the stick on one!!

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In the suburbs, most look slovenly, and a few look like they have self respect.

In the city schools, most look like hookers, and a few look like they have self respect.

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Don’t mind me…go on….

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@pedobear Where the heck did you come from?

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It sounds as if you only witnessed this once. If that is the case, could it have been a one-off situation? Maybe a dress-up day or students leaving from a dress rehearsal?

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where do you live, Cardiff? here in australia its checked dresses white sox, ponytails, makeup, not hookery but yeah.

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The issue of extreme dress and fashion in young school girls is hardly a new issue. I avoid checking how such girls dress. All I need is to be identified as some creepy older man who hangs around school yards.

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Where I live, kids where uniform at school from age 4 to 16. The local high school uniform is a navy blazer with navy or black skirt or trousers, and a white button-up shirt with school tie (for girls and boys). It appears that the length of skirt isn’t fixed and those who do wear skirts tend to wear them very short, with thick tights underneath. But honestly, most of the girls wear trousers. Our climate is too cold and wet for mini-skirts.

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@trailsillustrated Cardiff is not north!

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@Leanne1986 We have a giant nearby that came from Cardiff, but he’s east of here.

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I was quite shocked to see most of the girls had tight minis on with a fishnet type of stocking. When I say mini I mean micro mini. Plus had their hair done up in a new wave type beehive and loads of makeup. – Quote from @LornaLove ‘s OP.

Micro mini skirts? Fishnet stockings? “New Wave” Beehive?—Are you sure you didn’t move into a 1980s’ B-52s video?

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@LornaLove Sorry for derailing your thread. Back to school girls.

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@Leanne1986 It’s a little spooky too. He resides at the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown. Right at the main entrance.

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My children have to wear mid calf long skirts, tie shirt and blazer – winter uniform , summer check dress, long socks, jumper and blazer for formal occasions with a hat similar to what @Leanne1986 described, there are a few hooker type schools around where dress is interpreted and girls look like they should be in playboy, but thankfully ours is very strict and wouldn’t tolerate this.

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@Arewethereyet hooker type schools? You’re stil talking about children?

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@whitenoise I think @Arewethereyet just means the girls dress like hookers. Maybe short skirts, too much skin showing in general, lots of make-up, heels, that sort of thing.

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Oops Sorry guys yes as @JLeslie said I meant some schools where dressing in inapororiate outfits is acceptable, they are not schools for hookers!! Lol, I’m sure they exist though?

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I knew what you meant. I’m just appalled by your referring to school girls as hookers, just because the way they dress.

Had it be my girl on one of these schools it wouldn’t be wise to talk like that in my face.

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What’s appalling is parents accepting that their girls are going out to school dressed like that, and I know their are girls who do fool their parents but surely not all of them! I’d be quite happy to discuss this with their Parents @whitenoise. I referred to the way they dressed I did not say they were hookers.

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Do you assume the girls are doing “bad” things just because of how they are dressed? Sex, drinking, smoking, etc?

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I believe people have a right to be treated with respect, regardless of how they’re dressed.

Maybe it is because I’m living in a country full of people that refer to women as whores for wearing makeup etc., that I’ve become allergic to it.

Anyways, not saying you’re Taliban, but I wish you’d be a little less judgmental. Even though I tend to agree that these kids would probably be better off, wearing something more concealing.

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@whitenoise If you present yourself in a certain way, you should expect to be seen in that way. A woman who walks into a bar with her ass and tits hanging out that gets pissed because she’s perceived as easy is ridiculous. If you don’t want to be seen that way, there’s a quick solution to that.

Anyways, @Arewethereyet put more blame on the parents than the kids. Depending on the age of the child, I’d have to agree.

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I’m with @whitenoise on this. I was allowed to wear heels younger than many of my friends. And, I dressed in what I guess was a more sexy way than many of my friends, but not slutty, just relative to my friends I was in skirts and heels and make-up. I also had a much later curfew. One of the mom’s of a friend of mine told me years later the moms thought I was a bad influence. She told me, because in my 20’s while talking to her, I was telling her I never drank or got hi in high school. I was not the bad influence. The other girls were home by midnight because the cops broke up the drinking parties by then, I wasn’t at those parties, I was out with my non drinking coworkers seeing a late movie or out dancing with my boyfriend. I know for a fact her daughter lost her virginity younger than me, and she was much more permiscuous. Not that I judge it, just ironic.

Teenagers don’t understand the impact of how they dress, they are discovering themselves, they think everyone looks at them as they know themselves in their own mind.

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@JLeslie I knew, as a teenager, that people would judge me based on how I looked and dressed. I don’t think people give teens enough credit on things like this. They know more than you think. And, I’m sorry, but it’s no surprise that people that did dress a certain way as a teen would defend teens that dress that way.

If I wore a police officer’s uniform and got all upset when a person mistook me for a cop, you’d probably think that was pretty dumb. I’m not saying a girl that dresses in mini skirts and stilettos is a slut, but she’s certainly wearing a slut’s uniform.

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@livelaughlove21 I don’t think anyone would have thought me dressed as a slut, but I was not in jeans and flats all the time, just some of the time. If you look back on old Q’s I say similar to you that people need to be aware of their surroundings and the message they send off. I didn’t like to drive my Porsche into downtown Memphis, I felt it was a safety risk, my husband and his sister felt I was paranoid and ridiculous, and they were not going to let fear control what they wanted to do. I would not wear lots of diamond jewelery down there either, or most major cities for that matter, they would think that absurd also. But, like the scanty clothes, those expensive things might get a person robbed.

Here in FL everyone is half naked and I love it! I exaggerate with half naked, but I love being back in a place that is not so conservative when it comes to clothing. In TN my gym did not allow belly buttons to show, not even bikinis in the pool. I found that excessive and ridiculous.

I don’t take offense to what you said, so don’t worry about that, but I do wonder are you judgng those girls and making assumptions? What I meant by teens not really understanding was not understanding how boys all want to have sex. I really don’t think most girls at that age really understand what is in the heads of boys. Girls get duped, pressured into things, and believe untruths all the time. My neice used to turn her waist band on her shorts so they were short short when she was 6. Her tooshie was practically hanging out. Once, when I was telling her to unroll them I asked her if she thinks she is Brittany Spears and she said yes. She doesn’t understand the “sexiness.”

Believe it or not I was a teen at one time, and I remember it very well. I wanted to look good, I liked the attention and compliments, and I worked in fashion. I was not trying to attract men for sex.

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@JLeslie I’m not really sure what that has to do with what I said. It doesn’t seem like we’re arguing opposing viewpoints anymore, but different things entirely. It’s not just men looking at these girls. Other girls look and judge as well. I wasn’t even talking about girls not knowing about perverted little boys ogling them, or even putting themselves in the position of being sexually assaulted. I’m talking about the mentality that one can dress in an inappropriate way (mini skirts, hight heels, and low-cut tops at school is inappropriate), but no one should judge them based on that. All human beings judge others based on how they present themselves, even if they don’t admit it. Where does personal responsibility come in? These girls know what image they’re putting off when they squeeze into that skin-tight skirt. They want the attention, so why not view them in the way they’re presenting themselves?

“They dress like hookers” is different from “they are hookers.” Like I said, that girl may not be a slut, but she sure looks like one. They don’t deserve to be treated like shit for it, but no one should apologize for taking note of their questionable choice of clothing. If I dress in a certain way, I know what others will think of it and I need to take responsibility for that as opposed to getting upset about it.

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@livelaughlove21 Just to clarify, I think it better to sum up how I dressed as looking maybe older than I was, not slutty. Heels in my day were 3 inches, not 5, now 3 seems to be a mid heel. Miniskirts were in fashion and worn by many. I worked in a jeans store when tight designer jeans were the it thing. I was 14 with a wardrobe; people decided I got my job because I was having sex with the boss, which was ridiculous. Girls can’t win honestly, they get judged and sized up no matter what by peers and their peer’s parents. It is always stunning to me how wrong people can be, especially parents about their children. But, I am getting off on a tangent I realize.

I actually was all for school uniforms, if you read my answers above, to not worry about this at school at all. If you are saying you don’t assume anything about a girl by how she dresses, then I am glad to hear it. I do believe in dressing appropriately wherever a person is, whether it be school, church, pool, grandma’s house, whatever. But, what is appropriate varies around the world and by community,

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@JLeslie I wasn’t making any comment on your way of dressing as a teen, just so we’re clear. This is strictly hypothetical.

I’m probably not what anyone would consider “conservative” in any way. My jeans are so tight around my butt and legs that you can’t pinch the fabric between two fingers. The shorts I wear during hot months only have an inseam of about an inch and a half. If I could walk in heels without feeling stupid or being in constant pain, I’d wear them. However, I followed school dress code and did not show more skin than was appropriate. I know girls that did, and they knew exactly what they were doing. So, I’m not going to berate someone for “judging” those girls based on a deliberate choice they made. That’s my only point here.

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Let the beam in (y)our eye…

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@livelaughlove21 Again, I didn’t take it personally nor was I offended. Not to worry. I think overall we agree.

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