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What are some fun, free date ideas?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36563points) May 5th, 2013
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Everything seems to cost money: movies, meeting over coffee, dinner or lunch, etc.

What can two people getting to know each other romantically do for free?

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Since you have to prepare food (and pay for it anyway), i vote for a picnic on a beautiful beach or cliff with a view and with no other people. You have those near you, I bet.

Bring chairs, umbrella, sun block, poetry to read aloud, some music (if appropriate),

If my memory holds, when i wanted to be romantic with someone, it wasn’t the money or the fancy props that mattered but being together and having some privacy.

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A bicycle ride on a nice day. You can take sandwiches.

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You live in Hawaii Jake! Beaches, waterfalls, hikes, picnics, snorkeling…..

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Volunteer to help with a fund raising activity or environmental event

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Geo caching.

Or a camera day where you practice observing the world from different perspectives together. You can make it a competition; whomever captures the most varied animals etc. Sneaking the odd shot of each other.

The next date you can compare.

Finding street artists and observing from afar or people watching. Window shopping, helps you get an idea of the others taste and can illicit impulsive shared moments.

Browsing book stores always a good way to spark odd conversations its active and yet relaxed.

I personally love the somewhat active date esp in nature. Sun tanning and swimming. Walks or jogging, biking.

Cooking is fun, from getting the groceries together to sharing intimate space in the kitchen. Creating and collaborating. And feeding each other. Enjoying the reward later.

I find there are all sorts of free lectures, libraries and universities, book clubs or booksignings… So what if you haven’t read the book or don’t intend to buy.

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We do hikes, picnics, outdoor concerts, cleaning out the garage. :-)

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Go for a walk in the park.

Pitch a tent, or a mosquito net in your living room and have an indoor picnic.

Visit a museum that is either always free, or has a free day.

Check in your local free entertainment paper to find out if there are any free concerts, classes, lectures, photo safari’s, bird watching tours, festivals, plays, wine tastings, hikes or other stuff like that.

Or, if your date is interested, you might enjoy (with the help of some internet searching) to do a walking tour of your city (Honolulu in your case, right?) in search of great architecture and public art, and/or history. My brother and I do this on a regular basis, mostly in Los Angeles and around southern California. Bring a camera.

Check this out Honolulu Public Art Finder

And Honolulu Magazine’s List of Best Architecture

And List of Historic Landmarks in Hawaii

Here’s a bunch of Upcoming Events (not sure which ones are free, you’ll have to click on them to get more info) on Oahu.

Here’s 101 free or less than $10 things to do on Oahu

Here’s some Free Stuff in Waikiki

Here is a list of Romantic Destinations on Oahu most of which are free.

Have fun Jake : )

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Someone already said Geocaching. I’d find one on a nice beach.

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A walk in the woods.

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~ Nude ping-pong?

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Cooking together, buying groceries and cooking is a lot more affordable, and fun. DVDs or live streaming instead of the cinema. Playing the questions game. Exploring new places, parks, hiking, walking through the city. Playing games (be it board, online, console) together.

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