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Graphic designers, help! Can someone help me with my design for my high school graduation?

Asked by Onions (39points) May 6th, 2013
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Okay so since I have a bit of experience with graphic design and am known for it at my school I was asked to make a design for the graduation sweaters for my high school grade. I have been working towards the idea of a crest, to give that ‘university’ feel I guess but I know something is missing.

Here’s a screenshot of what I have so far. I think its okay but I want it to be great since it’s for my whole grade. I’ve been going crazy because I don’t think it’s as good as it could be. I have to use the eagle since it’s their mascot and the colors red and gold. I’m trying to get it like ‘simply traditional’ with a touch of modernism. If anyone can help me out with any creative ways of doing this I would really appreciate it! Thanks

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I think it looks great. Simple, traditional and classy!

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I like it also. Perhaps slightly fewer lines on the eagle design. Think of Picasso’s economy of line in his drawings. Instead of “grad,” how about “Class of”?

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@janbb Thanks and glad you like it! Do you think the “grad” part at the top looks okay? I think the top might be too empty.

Is there anything anyone suggest I improve?

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@gailcalled Do you mean the ones at the sides on the wings? What exactly do you mean by Picasso’s economy of line? I tried googling it. Do you mean to simplify it as much as this?

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I kind of like the idea of using “Class of” instead of “Grad” also if it lays out o.k.

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I’m glad you asked about G R A D. That’s the only thing I would be concerned with too. The spacing is not good. For me, it was like individual letters that didn’t become a word. Maybe it’s my eyes. Looking again, the 2013 needs less space between the numbers too. I’d suggest trying different sized letters and numbers and then the spacing. I really like the design as a whole. Good work!

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Yeah the reason I used the GRAD was because I was asked to include it. “Class of” seems 100x better. I guess I can convince the student council. Here’s and updated version. The lines on the eagle are a bit thinner, GRAD replaced with CLASS OF, and the numbers are closer together. I think it looks better!

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On the updated image, the 2013 character spacing seems off, and it doesn’t appear to follow the arc of the banner, or the perspective is off… something just doesn’t seem right.

I also like “Class of” better than “GRAD” – perhaps if you show both to the Student Council, they’ll prefer it, too.

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@hearkat; I went back and looked at the spacing of 2013 more carefully and you are correct. (Good eye.) Space between 0 and 1 is slightly larger than between 2 and 0 and 1 and 3.

I still would remove more of the detail in the eagle’s wings and torso…too many lines, dots, and squiggles. Stick with the bold outlines and a suggestion of feathers. The head is good…noble-looking.

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Asside from what’s be said above, having the High School name separated below a line and not worked into the crest of surrounding it bothers me. See this collecton of University Crest Sweaters for ideas.

You’re off to a great start.

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The only way I can think of to get grad in there somehow is if you put Grad Class Of (I prefer Graduating Class Of) at the top, lower the shield, and in the shield put your school name if it fits.

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@gailcalled – The Eagle design is the school’s mascot – the second link makes me believe that it is the school’s logo that has to be worked into the design, so I suspect there isn’t much that can be modified about it.

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Sorry, but right now the colours make it look like a logo of a political extremist movement, especially because of the red and black focus. Have you thought of having a white background instead? I also think having the 2013 scroll’s background to be gold would look better.
Also, assuming the “grad” and “school high” are supposed to be “grad school high”, I think it should not be separated like that, and the font for the school high looks too plain.

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Edit: did you change the picture since yesterday? I had made a comment based on my memory and then re looked at it and it looked different. I like it better than I liked it yesterday. :-)

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Thanks guys for all your feedback, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, lots has been going on. The student council decided to go with the design and many people love it. Thanks again!

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@Onions; Wonderful news. Which version is the official one? Do you get a byline or some fanfare?

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