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If you could do it all over again, what job/life would you have?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) May 8th, 2013
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When I was out in the country the other day, I saw a family greenhouse business. A ton of greenhouses, selling the most beautiful plants and flowers.

I want my own greenhouse business.

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I kind of wish I learned a trade like massage therapy or hairdressing. If you knew me, that may sound like a surprise, but I sometimes wish I had a trade or skill that I could go into business for myself and do as much or as little as I wanted.

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I probably would have remained single and joined the military or tried for law enforment or a medical career.

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I wish I could have met my current husband in my late teens early 20’s, finished college right out of high school, become a teacher, and had the exact same kids we have now. (I know that last part is impossible, but since we’re dreaming…)

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I wish I could have been more successful in the business of music.

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I would do just what I did, join the Navy as an electronics technician and traveled the world. What I wouldn’t do is write a letter the the President of the U.S. complaining about my boss taking my civilian employees to work in his shop during regular working hours.
I would have had a commission and retired as an officer instead of leaving with 12 years in the service.

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I’d have gone to college despite my parents’ and church’s objections, remained single, and gotten a degree and a teaching license, and then GTFO of the country as soon as I could.

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I would have had a satisfying career for five years, traveled extensively then married my present husband had he wanted six kids too. Which he would not have wanted. lol

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I would have been more aware in my 20s and lived life more fully.

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I was so insecure that I got married and had kids to young. If I had it to do kvr again I probably would finish college and major in business. I loved real estate property management and I would have excelled earlier and further with that degree.

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The life that I originally thought one day of having.
Instead I buckled under pressure to marry,settle down with an immature husband.
I do not regret having my kids though, even though at times there were bleak
economic periods.

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I would rewind way back, so my parents wouldn’t have had me. If they still did though, I would like them to not argue and fight in front of me when I was only a few years old. Didn’t do me much good mentally. Other than that, I think I would just have done the same things, but perhaps be better with money and be more sane.

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I don’t know, because I still don’t know what I want to do.

I’m not sure what my skills actually are, which makes me think I should do whatever is tolerable for a decent amount of money. Maybe be a pharmacy tech or something lol.

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Same one. Although I hope my future life includes owning a bar/restaurant somewhere tropical. Or a vineyard.

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Well, it would have been swell to have realized I was trans and to have begun transition in my teens, as some people are able to do now. It would have saved me more than a decade of depression and having to work my ass off to stay afloat in school. I feel like I’m behind my peers all the time because of this.

It just was not in the cards for me, as if I had come out in high school, I probably would have ended up homeless or dead. So I have made the best of the cards I was dealt.

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I might have been a little wilder. Just a little.

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Starting out, I would have had my mother choose a better hospital. After that, things might have gone better.

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@LuckyGuy I second that emotion!!!

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I would want the same vocation, but had I known at 18 that it was such a good fit for me, I’d have gone straight into a program and not floundered about changing majors and dropping out of school for a couple years, then going back. Granted, I would not have met my ex-husband or had my son with him, so I’m OK with how it turned out.

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A trade on the waterfront…“I coulda bin a contender”

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@LuckyGuy I am glad I wasn’t an iota more wild. Had I been even more wild I don’t know where I would have ended up. lol In fact, sometimes I think I should have been less so and more studious.

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No. This one still has the potential to be the best ever.

if somebody here knows john edward i’ll answer after i’m done

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@KNOWITALL @Aster I was always such a good boy, teenager, college student, worker, husband, father….
Now there’s no going back. I have minor regrets but on the whole I made the right (although less exciting) choices.

@Mama_Cakes Thanks for this question. It made me think.

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I would like to be a novelist and/or a college English professor.

As far as my marital choice, I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed so long or maybe not have married him but I’m not a quitter and I’ve got those two great sons…....

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@LuckyGuy You and the wife can take a vaca without the kids and get cray cray, it’s healthy and natural!!

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Actor, playwright or peanut grower.

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@KNOWITALL I had my prostate removed almost 4 years ago. I never did, and never will, shoot on the ceiling. That ship has sailed.

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I don’t know, I kind of like the way I turned out. I might have been a lot less wild when I was young. I was lucky I didn’t get killed or god forbid kill someone else. I didn’t like some of the stuff that happened but I think I put it to good use. I love greenhouses and growing things, so that might have been a nice career. I might reconsider kids, turns out I’m really good with them. But overall I’ve had a good ride.

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Rock star! It’s the only answer there is to this question.

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I would love to have married my present husband first and had children with him. He is such a great dad to my children and a wonderful partner to me. Still, we knew each other way back then and perhaps we weren’t the same people we are now. We were less mature so maybe it wouldn’t have been as good then as it is now.

I would like to have started on the career I have now much, much sooner. I could travel and do all sorts of things if I wanted to, but I have commitments that matter to me so I can’t.

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I wish that I had run away and joined the circus when I was 18.

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I wouldn’t have attended such an expensive university and, in the process, racked up so much student loan debt; I wouldn’t have chosen such a useless degree; I would’ve gotten my driver’s license in high school like my father told me to; I would’ve learned how to manage my finances a bit sooner and better; and, last but not least, I would’ve listened to my parents and followed their advice more often.

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I loved the work I was doing when I became disabled and if I had been independently wealthy, I would have done the work for the pleasure of it and I would have donated the income all to charity.

Since I would still not have been rich, I would have learned how to market my skills better and I would have saved and invested what I earned so I would face grinding poverty after I reach age 65.

That is all I would have changed – I have grown attached to having a roof over my head, food to eat and a little money for a few things in life to make leisure time pleasant. I still have six years before the poverty and homelessness become a reality, so I will enjoy it while I can.

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I most likely would have been a fire fighter.

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I would’ve turned in every single assignment in high school and not have been so down on myself.

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I don’t know. I’ve got to figure out what I want to do in this life first.

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@DrLawrence Care to share how that happened to you?

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Just wanted to clarify—I would have had my same life and career—I just would have added a sideline trade so I could have done my theater work longer,had something to do to make extra money in the summers when I was teaching and could make some pocket money right now. I think I’ve had a pretty good life that I like just fine.

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I would probably do it about the same.
Although, I certainly would pass on my ex wife.
Maybe I would have stayed in the service, so I could have gotten a shot at taking out Osama Bin Laden.
Otherwise, not much different.

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Most of it I’d do the same a few tweaks here and there but I should have finished my architecture degree, instead I did health and an arts degree which have both proved enormously beneficial but I really wish I’d finished architecture as well. I can’t do it now as its another 5 years and I need to educate my children now not me!

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