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Has a big news event ever reignited trauma from your past life experiences?

Asked by Cupcake (15508points) May 10th, 2013
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This situation with Ariel Castro and the women who were his sexual hostages/punching bags is really hitting me hard. Now and then, news stories, especially ones with children born out of sexual trauma, bring out my PTSD. I think I’m doing OK, but am having flashbacks and trouble sleeping.

Do any of you ever experience anything like this?

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Thank you so much for sharing this information with the group. That is very brave of you.

Yes, news stories can trigger my emotions and set off mania or depression in me. Therefore, I watch very little news. I mostly read only headlines. I stay away from sensational stories for the reasons you wrote about.

I don’t need to expose more of me to unpleasantness.

I sincerely hope you have someone near you whom you can freely talk to. All I can do is offer you virtual {{{HUGS}}} from afar.

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Although I can’t relate to what happened to these women, just reading about their situation on the news has triggered something in me…I keep thinking about my sister and young niece who live in a different state and it scares the s*** out of me!! I can’t really explain it, but it’s a terrifying feeling. :( I knew there was a reason I’d stopped following the news a while back.

Virtual hugs to you!!!!

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Thanks @Hawaii_Jake. I usually avoid the news as well. I just feel so connected with these girls (women) that I’m having trouble turning away, although my experience was very different. Little similarities pop up, though.

My hubby is great. And I’ve talked a tiny bit to a coworker.

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Childhood sexual abuse news used to do it to me every time. I don’t usually get flashbacks anymore, but I still cry my head off. {hugs} girlie.

Edit: Also, any news of a very neglectful mother’s impact on her child.

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Yes, very much so. The same goes for TV and movies.

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Avoidance is my tactic, as well; my abuse was primarily through coercion, it didn’t get violent until I started to refuse, so my “trauma” was psychological and I don’t get flashbacks.

@Cupcake – are there any support groups online that might give you an additional outlet and comfort? Is there a group in your area where you can help other victims? I find that it benefits me just as much when I provide others the support I wish I’d had.

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I pretty much had to inocculate myself from news of the Newtown disaster. No direct parallels but it was too close to the trauma of my husband leaving and the vulnerability I felt during Hurricane Sandy. I just couldn’t let in any more pain.

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Whenever a musician commits suicide I get thrown back to my first husbands death.

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