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What did you think about The Office finale?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) May 17th, 2013
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Did you watch? Were you a fan? What did you think of the retrospective? Of the finale itself?

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I’ve loved the Office since I started watching in season 2. I thought the finale was appropriately sweet and sappy and sentimental and pretty much wrapped things up in a nice package. Kind of predictable, but I’m not complaining.

The retrospective was cool too. I liked seeing things from the actors’ perspective.

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It was a good way to end the series. The show had lost its edge a few years back, but the finale was fairly true to the original scheme. I personally don’t like the way Dwight ended up, one last really douche-y move would have been apropos.

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Ooh, haven’t seen it yet. I fell off the wagon about 2 years ago or whenever Michael Scott left. I rarely laughed anymore and I thought the humor level had really taken a dive….it was wildly predictable and generic. But I would like to see the finale, so thanks for the reminder.

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