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Do you take detox baths?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) May 26th, 2013
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What ailment are you addressing? What are you hoping for? How do you do it? Hot/cold? What do you add to the water? How do you feel after?

While in the bath (specific to detox baths), what do you do? Do you stay perfectly still? Meditate? Watch TV/computer/tablet? Read?

How do you manage your body? Are you all underwater except your head? Is your hair wet? Are your legs in or out? Is your trunk submerged?

How often?

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I take showers and I use a filter on the shower head to reduce my exposure to chlorine ions.

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On occasion I take epsom salt baths with essential oils. I don’t know that they are exactly detoxing. Though at times it helps me with cramps I get or sometimes stomach aches etc.

I like hot but if I have a fever and am burning up or feel overheated I will go for cool.

I do whatever I feel like. I have mediatated lately that is new. But usually I listen to music or an audiobook. Occasionally I will talk on the phone or read my tablet. Sometimes I fall asleep til the water gets cold enough to wake me.

I usually switch position to immerse fully sometimes I run my feet up the wall or sit up and submerge my feet. I also will lie on my stomach or side. Whatever is comfortable and I change positions frequently.

I don’t however feel like this is detox. When I go to the hot springs which isn’t often I always leave feeling drained.

Also I would say steam baths: which when I was young we used to have a building dedicated to them… But I read a lot about them and their health benefits.

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Nope. But, I once when to the baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas and it was fantastic. My skin has never ever been so soft. I wish it had cured all that ails me, but alas it didn’t.

I do take bath for comfort. If I have been cold all day a hot bath can do the trick. Sometimes I heat up the bathroom with a space heater so the air is warm also.

I suffer from some irritations that rinsing with water helps enormously, some times I take a bath, instead of rinsing only that part of my body, and it is healing, it reduces my discomfort greatly.

Sometimes my hair is up and kept dry, sometimes I let it get yet. Late at night I usually don’t want to bother to dry it. Also, if it is cold I usully don’t want to get it wet.

None of the, would I refer to as detox though. I assume detox means you literally think toxins are leaving the body. Is that correct?

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