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If you could have any toy from your childhood, what would it be?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) June 12th, 2013
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As asked.

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My fucking plastic giraffe.

When I was about 2 years old, I had a plastic giraffe on wheels, but by the time I was 3, I was too big for it.

My father gave it away, I was okay with that, I did not ride him anymore, but the guy he gave it to set fire to it on a pile of burning trash in the back field. I came back from a walk, only to see it melting away in the fire.

I will have my revenge one day!

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Do you mean what we had ourselves, or something that was around when we were young?

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Probably my Super 7 gun, or whatever it was called. It seems to be exceedingly rare these days.

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My Star Wars Millennium Falcon (circa 1977–78).

Don’t get cocky kid!

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I’m not sure. Something I had that I would like is my baby talk doll, she was so cute. She broke and my mum had to send her back, I was so upset, I had to wait 6 weeks to get her back. My mum told me she was in hospital and the doctors were making her better for me.

Something I never had but wanted was a portable kitchen, I liked the advert with the little girl taking her mum and dad breakfast in bed.

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Nintendo 64 plus my all-time favorite games: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Donkey Kong 64.

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Annabella, a cute, little, pink pig with a wind-up music box. I don’t know what happened to Annabella—at some point, I must have discarded all my childhood stuffed animals—but I really wish I still had her.

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Well, my husband wants all of his original Star Wars Lego sets. He had all of them. His mom gave them away when he was away at Navy Boot Camp.

Me? That’s a lot harder. I played with my brother’s toys sometimes, but I was a more “make my own fun” kid. Mixing magic potions in a bucket of mud, and whatnot. I still have my Snuggle bear and my magic keys… I would like to have my old Betamax tape player.

EDIT: OH! Teddy Ruxpin. That’s who I need. I want my son to have a Teddy Ruxpin.

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My L E G O blocks :-)

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I want my gloworm back, damn it.

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” Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

I sold one of those at a garage sale last year. Too bad. If I woulda known..

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@Mama_Cakes Damn…awesome game, you should have kept it. :/

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I forgot about my Gloworm, can I change my mind?

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I had hundreds of My Little Ponies, I wish I still had them. I also loved Trolls.

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Loved the Gloworms, Care Bears, Popples, little plastic Smurfs, and my GI Joe walkie talkies. Oh and I loved my BMX! As a baby/toddler, I had a Happy Apple which I loved. I few years ago I found a “like new” one on Ebay (with original box) and bought it.

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@Symbeline According to my 21 year old nephew, I got him into gaming. We used to play Majora’s Mask when he was a kid. And he’s got my old Nintendo 64. :)

He had this as his cover on FB. Underneath, ” Favourite video game of all time, easy.”.

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My toy drum that was left out in the rain.

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My microscope.

My overall experience with toys was profoundly disappointing. They never lived up to their promise. But I had a basic microscope that worked very well, and opened up magical worlds to me. I got a thousand times more pleasure from that than from any other toy.

I vaguely remember selling it at some garage sale when I needed some money. Stupid move

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@thorninmud I had a microscope as a kid too. A real one, although it was made for kids. It came with its own slides you could check out, but man did I ever have fun with it by sticking all sorts of things in it to check out.

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Well, my daughters have had gloworms and My Little Ponies, so I’ve gotten to relive my childhood vicariously through them with those awesome things.

I really, really, really want my old Sit-n-Spin back! Today’s version sucks and doesn’t spin worth a damn! The old one though? Man, that thing would make you feel like you were flying!

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I had this, well..thing, it was called Ring Table Tennis & consisted of a plastic ring attached to a, err…plastic net. You even got 2 bats/paddles & several ping pong balls, ooooh, hardcore.
It was fantastic fun though, no really :)

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My Daisy Spittin’ Image Model 26 bb gun . I loved that gun. It took all the strength I had to pump it.

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I have a toy from my childhood. My mother gave me “Robert” my childhood teddybear. Worn almost hairless in many places and one eye missing but still mine!

He now lives in the china cabinet along with all the other valuables.

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A puppet stage my uncle made for me when I was a wee lad.

But I’d settle for Rosebud.

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My dog Sonny, a big Belgian shepherd. We were best friends. We had each other’s backs.

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My collection of model horses. I had a really cool backyard, big, jungle like, huge trees, grass, bushes, etc. and would spend hours playing with my Breyer horses and Barbies. I would make neato little corrals with sticks and tie the rails together with string and the barbies were cowgirls and all had really beautiful horses and sometimes they would ride naked and be free spirited Barbies trail riding in the buff. haha ( like me when I was a teen. haha )
I also took my Barbies to a local creek that sported some mini white water and would tie a long string to my naked Barbies and let them body surf through the rapids.

I was an inventive little thing I must say. lol

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I miss my Merlin

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My Winne the Pooh record player from the 70’s, and I still have it along with quite a few of my childhood toys. I only keep the good stuff.

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When I was about 3 I was on vacation with my family at the Jersey Shore (Ship Bottom, Barnegat – this was in the days before “Jersey Shore” became a joke). There was a local small toy shop (again, in the days when there were local small toy shops) that had a cast iron (in the days when cast iron toys were still around) pastel colored circus train pull toy. My mom bought it for me. I wish I still had it. I have a vague recollection of what it looked like, but I wish I still had it. They don’t make em like that any more, and it was very cute.

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I would love to have my Flandria 10 speed bike. I would spend a lot of money to bring it up to toady’s modern technology and take it on long rides.

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@gondwanalon I had the coolest Schwinn 10 speed when I was about 12 or 13, early 70’s. I got the brand new psychedelic neon lime green. Prior to that…the coolest color was gold. haha

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I would want my radio flyer wagon, so I could go on adventures, and “drive” it downhill.

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Richard Pryor.

imdb it you lazy fucks. you know you’d want one too . . .

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@Blondesjon A favorite.

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I already have my hatchet
Why would I need anything other than that?

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I had a very cool Mary Poppins doll from the 1960’s. Wouldn’t mind seeing my Liddle Kiddles again, they came in a plastic domed locket that you could wear around your neck.

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Fisher Price Tree House, Strawberry Shortcake and friends (plus Gargamel and Azrael), Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop, Green Machine, Sandy Lion Stickers, Star Wars action figures, Tomy Water Ring Toys, a Monchichi and the movies Goonies, The Toy, Neverending Story, Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and E.T.

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I still have my Fisher Price Carosel and several of my Little People from the early 70s.

no, I’m not a hoarder. :P All 3 of my children played with it and I’m hoping a grand kid or two will get the chance.

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if i stub my fucking toe on the thing one more fucking time that grand kid is gonna have to sift through it’s ashes.

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My water gun complete with clip… I sprayed my sister 25 years ago and she still hasn’t given me the water clip back.

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I had a puzzle made up of cubes that you had to turn to the correct side and then put the cubes in the right position to see the picture. The pictures were of fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, etc.) – very old fashioned and beautiful to me (even as a child). They pics had lots of detail so I would enjoy just sitting there and looking at the pictures for what seemed like hours (I was a kid, so probably 30 minutes max in reality!!). The puzzle was kept in our camper, which only came out in the summer, so it was special to me. Unfortunately, it was not special to me and my mom gave it away!

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“Creepy Crawlers”

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Dude, I remember those. Didn’t have em, but they looked cool. :D

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@Symbeline I remember the burns I received with that thing with fondness. It may have been the beginning of me learning how to pay attention to what I was doing. Try to make something like that nowadays and watch the lawsuit avalanche, comin down the mountain

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I suppose that’s why all toys are digital now. Kinda glad I was a kid in the eighties and early nineties. Lol.

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I had a cuddly rabbit called Bunny that was given to me when I was a baby. I kept him all through childhood but he went missing somewhere when I moved house at age 19.

The toy I never had but always wished I did was a Hot Wheels race set. One of my friends had one and I always wanted to play with it when I went to his house.

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Hot Wheels rock. It was a pain if you lost one of those magenta colored track splicers though. Scotch tape just wouldn’t cut it.

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I would want my legos for myself.

I would love to see my little guy play with my old Fisher Price plastic playsets (the farmhouse, bus, etc.).

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We still have much of the FP farmhouse and characters that my son and then my daughter played with. Their children still play with them when over at our house.

And, I believe we still have most of my sons He-Man toys including a huge plastic Castle Greyskull. I should pull them out for the grandkids.

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@woodcutter We had creepy crawlers too, but do you remember the companion to that? They were called incredible edibles, basically the same thing, only these you could actually eat!

Check it out

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I love how @Kardamom‘s toy was a food toy!

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I want a Welcome Back Kotter lunch box and I was just little kid when that came out.

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@Mama_Cakes Ha Ha! I just realized that.

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I had one of these and hadn’t though about it until this thread.

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@Kardamom A friend had Incredible Edibles. We would just cut to the chase and eat the goo before heating it. Saved a lot of work. Sort of a sneaky attempt (using edible bugs) at getting boys to like cooking, methinks. Easy Bake oven was filling that niche.

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^^ Ha Ha Ha! You know, recently there was a young lady who had a brother who liked to help out in the kitchen, she wanted to buy an Easy Bake Oven for her brother, but all of the ovens are either purple or pink, so she wrote to the company to see if they would consider making an oven geared towards boys, maybe in black or brown or gray or even red, basically something neutral, so that the boys could be chefs too. I’m not sure how that turned out. I haven’t been to the toy store recently to see if they actually did that.

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I just bought some retro Wacky Packs (the full series: 1 and 2). Dammit. I caved.

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@Kardamom Wasn’t the original Easy Bake oven a beige or cream color? Sort of like real kitchen appliances are? Less ghey anyway.

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@woodcutter The ones from my 1960’s youth were a turquoise blue color. I’ll see if I can find some pictures of the ovens through the ages.

Is anyone else craving one of those yummy Easy Bake cakes right now? I loved those

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Here is the Oven from my era. You can see from that box, there was also a yellow one, which I don’t recall ever seeing. Here is one that looks like it’s from the early 1970’s that is red. Here is one that also looks like early Seventies that is olive green.

You are right that the earlier models were similar to real kitchen colors. It was not until later that the pink and purple colors came in. I’m thinking that a faux stainless steel model would be pretty cool.

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I asked for an easy bake one year. This must have been 91, 92. My daddy said, “Why don’t you just use the real one?” And then we made peanut butter cookies. My dad rocked.

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^^ Awsome!

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@Mama_Cakes You don’t have to be a thorn in my side about it…

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MY Thumbelina doll…you winded her up and she slowly moved her head.

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