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Is there such a thing as health or medical insurance for pets?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10142points) June 14th, 2013
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My sister’s cat has large cell renal lymphoma and is undergoing chemo. With all the recent discussion of Obamacare, this got me wondering, is there health insurance for pets? jw…

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Yes. I’ll try to find some links to post. Apparently I can’t view any advertiser’s website links on my computer while on the company intranet, but if you google the term “health insurance for pets”, you’ll get a ton of links, including one from the ASPCA and at least one from Progressive Insurance.

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Yes there is. I’m in Australia so there’s no point me finding you links but you can definitely insure your pet’s health.

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Of course. Ask your vet about it. It’s fairly inexpensive.


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Yes; most vets have brochures about it. I would assume that you have to buy it while the pet is healthy though.

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There is in California, but a little late for your sister’s cat.

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In the UK it is very common to have insurance for pets. I have both my dogs insured so that any massive vets bills will be paid.

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As noted, it is available, but the pre-existing condition of your sister’s cat would likely disqualify that animal from insurance.

Many Veterinarians work with creditors to offer no or low-interest payment options for when expenses get very high. One such company is

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Yes, there is, but like humans it has a preexisting condition clause.

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Yes, I have an $1,800 “Care Credit” plan, good for pet emergencies, emergency medical/dental needs. I just used it to have crown done since I have no dental insurance. If you pay off the balance within 6 months it is interest free. After I pay off the balance for my crown I plan of keeping it for my cats, just in case, like the $700 Rattlesnake bite my male took to his paw last summer.

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Just to be clear, Care Credit is a credit card, not health insurance.

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They are more common these days and I looked at at least two ‘pet’ insurances before I realized my kitty would not be eligible. The one name I can remember is Trupanion.

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Yes, but if your sister’s cat is already sick, they’re not going to insure him.

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@livelaughlove21 Right, I thought that would have been known, should have clarified.

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Yes, in Canada there is. However, like most insurance, they usually don’t cover pre-existing illness.

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Wow, thanks, folks. I didn’t know. Strange that just about everybody we know has pets, but no one talks about it. Probably too late for my sister’s current kitty, but maybe the next one.

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I suppose most of you who responded to this post have health insurance for your pets, but what percentage of pet owners do you think carry pet health insurance?

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@2davidc8 I don’t have pet insurance, but here are the stats…

In the United States, less than 3% of the estimated 71 million pet owners have pet insurance.
Source: American Animal Hospital Association

In Great Britain, roughly 25% of pet owners have pet insurance. In Sweden, nearly 50% of pet owners insure their pets.
Source: Packaged Facts

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