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I need to know how to make automatic pages with html?

Asked by AlbertKinng (247points) June 18th, 2013
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I want to achieved this:
Everytime I fill a webpage with (let’s say) 4 posts the fifth post go automatically on a page 2 without making me go to a server create another html page name it page 2 and so on… is there is a way to do that with html?

yes.. like a blog.

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Wonder if this little java app would do the trick. Looks like it’s a Firefox plugin as well as srandalone.

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You noted, “like a blog.” Why not do it with a content management system designed for a blog?

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@ETpro well, because I don’t want a blog I want a webpage that I can update online and If I’m adding too much content then after saving it automatically will be divided in pages. Get it? Or I’m confusing everybody here? Lol

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Take a look at and When you understand the basics of TiddlyWiki, then you can create a free page at (and at other TiddlyWiki hosting pages), and make your content any way you wish.

The pages won’t “automatically” paginate, but you can make the tiddlers as long or as short as you wish; make them link to each other or to external pages and URLs, and you can also re-order them from time to time as you wish.

I love TiddlyWiki.

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@AlbertKinng No, sorry but I don’t get it. Wordpress (as a for instance) is a powerful CMS and the fact it is used for blogging doesn’t mean it’s limited to that. It just has built in the sort of pagination you’re seeking. If you want to create each page on your machine using a prebuilt header, sidebar/s and footer as a wrapper then FTP it to a Web server, you can do that in Notepad. But managing pagination displays and links gets to be a nightmare as the size of the site grows, because every time you add one more page, you have to edit the pagination links on all the pages in its parent page and its related sibling pages.

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@ETpro That’s exactly what I don’t want. It needs to be java script or something that I can put at the end of the page and automatically make a new page after save it in the server. maybe I can explain my need here with words but the same technique blogs uses to create and add content can be used to do what I want.

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If you care about SEO, you don’t want to turn site navigation over to a client site scripting language than most search spiders can’t execute. You need to build your navigation server side.

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