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What is the best thing you have ever done for yourself?

Asked by tups (6727points) June 21st, 2013
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As asked.

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Two things;

1. Confronted my abuser
2. Joined a singles walking group right after my husband left.

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Forgave my bio-dad.

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Wow, way to go @janbb & @KNOWITALL. I realized just yesterday that I still have a long ways to go as far as forgiveness, but at least I am conscious that I need to grow in this direction.

By far the best thing I’ve done for myself is deciding to transition. It makes my life a whole lot more complicated, frightening, and difficult than the lives of people who are not trans, but I am happier than I knew it was possible to be, I feel whole, and I can actually be an adult now. I have no regrets whatsoever, although I hate that the world does not want trans people to exist and that most of us have to live in fear and insecurity.

A close second would be staying single for a year after ten years of mostly codependent relationships or relationships of convenience. Learning to enjoy my own company and being OK being single, moving past the feeling of needing to be in a relationship to be happy.

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Got divorced.

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Giving up soda and fast food.

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Meeting & hooking up with the most beautiful woman on the planet, who then produced our two awesome kids…best thing i’ll ever do for sure :)

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I made myself a pledge to be happy every single for the rest of my life. When I wake up every morning I ask myself, what can I do to make today great.

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Bought myself a one way ticket to Europe and spent 3 months traveling on a motor scooter and camping. Came home because I missed home and needed to get back to my serious life.

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I never gave up hope that I could move beyond victimhood and create my on life and identity with my childhood baggage but a speck in the rearview.

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Adopted three beautiful children. It was the biggest blessing in my life.

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Taken responsibility into my own hands.

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Marrying my wife.
Besides the whole love thing, she forced me to do things I would not normally do, and now I have a good home and retirement lined up.

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Far and away, the two best things I ever did for myself were:

1) Move to NYC from my small Texas hometown to attend college and start my career. The knowledge, experience and job references I gained in he decade I lived there continue to serve me professionally and personally.

2) Quit smoking.

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10 years ago I divorced my NPD, abusive ex husband.
Today I got a pedicure AND a massage. haha

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I “picked myself up by my bootstraps” as the old folks use to tell me to do when I was floundering in grade school.

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1. Got sober
2. Got divorced

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Got out of a relationship that literally messed up my youth!

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Stopped lying to myself and others about my gender-identity, and started living my life as I should be, not as I was expected to be.

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Distanced myself from the internet.

(says the person answering a question on a q&a site)

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Moved on .

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Having spent 3 semesters in the US.

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