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Easiest Way to toss up a portfolio of design work, on my own domain (always more details...)

I don’t care if it’s Wordpress, Prosite or what have you, but… I want the portfolio on my domain. Preferably, on a subdomain, i.e so people get a landing page chock full of links. Fortunately my web host, who shall remain nameless but rock, does a “one-click-install” of Wordpress anywhere on my site, so that’s relatively effortless. Prosite (now by Behance) seem easy to use – drag-n-drop – but apparently wants to take over my whole site. (I’d like to be able to maintain some design freedom, as my site will be serving not just as a portfolio, but as a “proof-of-concept” – myself being able to showcase all of the new web-design goodies I’ve been struggling to catch up with.) Thanks!

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