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Boring question #14: Why is “elevator music” discounted as music?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 7th, 2013
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Why do people dislike elevator music so? Why would a concert of elevator music more than likely not fill half of the seats of a large venue? Are musicians who play elevator music seen as less talented then the young man/woman with an electric guitar when they might have way more talent? Do people think playing elevator music takes less talent then doing a finger-breaking riff in a Fender Strat?

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One reason, I think, is that for legal reasons, many elevator musical selections are inferior covers of popular music.

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Elevator music is composed (or chosen) to be bland and non-threatening. It’s as generic as music can be—melodic, usually brass or string, but with nothing that qualifies it as symphonic or musically challenging.

Basically it’s drivel or pap, as bland as possible to fill the short empty time when you’re stuck on the elevator with people you don’t know and have no desire to talk to.

The musicians may be talented or not, who knows? But you can be sure they are getting paid for playing elevator music, so I don’t really care if they feel fulfilled musically.

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Elevator music still exists?

I honestly haven’t heard the term since KCZY (Cozy Radio) went off the air in the late 80s.

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You do know that a lot of “elevator music” isn’t played by musicians but by computer? So there’s no musician playing his soul out.

But it’s mostly disliked because it takes any emotion out of very emotional music.

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When people are in elevators or subways their minds are possibly turned partially off to music. What world-class violinist played in a subway with a hat in front of him, just to see who would stop and listen and was almost totally ignored, except by a small child? Can’t remember the name at the moment. Anyway, the answer is, I do not know why elevator music usually does not elevate much.

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@nottaNoahtall: It was Joshua Bell. [ story ] [ video ]

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