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Has anyone used Robert G. Allen's "Multiple Streams of Income"?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 18th, 2008
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A relative is considering different sources for additional income. She found this one but is a bit sceptic. The offers are on at least two different web pages, although a Google search revelas he has also his own dedicated site.

If you have used this ‘sales system’ please share your experience/results with it. Tks.

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Absolute 100% scam. You can’t buy entrepreneurial expertise in a book. The only person making money here is the writer, who is selling $40 worth of garbage. Don’t fall for things like this, and good luck.

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Sorry to disagree with you, richardhenry, but I certainly would not say that this is a scam. I’ve read a couple books by Robert Allen, including the Multiple Streams of Income book, and I’ve benefitted from them. The caveat I would add is that they take work. I don’t think this is a get-rich-quick scam (even though the marketing page may make it look like it). It takes work, and if someone is turned on by this and is willing to do what it takes, I’d say go for it.

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Well, I still stand where I do. The only interesting ‘business tips’ book that I’ve read (that wasn’t an accounting or financial guide) was 37signals’ Getting Real, and it was really rather specific. It did help us to launch our application though, which is doing rather well.

The best way to know if your business idea will succeed is if it is something that you want. If you really want it, the chances are that other people will do too. The other is that a first mover advantage isn’t the only advantage; if you can build it better, ‘they will still come’.

Oh, but don’t forget, you can ONLY BUY HIS BOOK WITHIN THE NEXT 60 MINUTES, SO YOU SHOULD HURRY! (See the website.)

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If you’re looking to earn a bit more on the side, perhaps you could do something small like starting a gumball renting machine business, and speak with some local restaurants about getting it in their lobbies. Buy two of the things and keep them stocked. When you get more money, buy more.

But I think you’re wasting your time by reading a book and not using your head if you’re actually looking to earn money.

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I think we’re pretty close to being on the same page, actually. I definitely agree with you about going for something that you really want, because chances are, others will too.

If I didn’t know Robert Allen’s material, that 60 minutes only promotion might bother me. I can see how it would come off as manipulative, but people generally act on urgency. (Sale this weekend only!) I try not to mix up his marketing methods with his content.

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…but the people who read his books are not.

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do you know if the book on multiple streams of income really reveal a method on how to make 24,000 dollars in 24hrs. ?

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I don’t know for sure. But from reading a couple of his books, they are powerful principles and real-world techniques that he teaches. And….... it takes a boatload of work to make that kind of money. It’s not get-rich-quick. It may take a loooong time of practice, preparation, learning how the game works, before you can make $24,000 in 24 hours. That’s my take. If you’re inspired to check it out, go for it. Couldn’t hurt to invest in more education, if you leave it at that.

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The BEST advice they gave in their seminar was to go to the REAL PRO’s when you want advice. People who have REALLY been there, done that.

Here’s the TRUTH! This program gives a person some motivation to get into real estate investing. There are other groups out there doing the same thing. You attend the meeting and pay $3,995 to join. Then they give you some reading materials and put you through three days of teaching you the ropes. They give you a list of web sites to go to to search out properties. Then you still don’t feel strong enough to go it alone so you then pay an additional $10,000 and they will give you a years worth of support for as many homes as you want to buy and sell.

I’m a Real Estate Counsellor. I have a Real Estate license and act as a Realtor. I work with several banks, financial advisors and lenders. I have sold millions of dollars worth of homes. I invest in Real Estate. Here are a few things to consider.

They claim that you can do this TAX FREE. But you’d better know the laws. Tax free is only for properties that sell every two years. So, you have to keep the property for two years and you have to live in it for that time (you can’t rent it out) to get the tax “exempt” equity from your home. An investment property is different. It is taxed based on your income level. If you sell it in under a year your tax could be 28% however if you sell it in over a year your tax could be 15%. Either way you are allowed to keep 5%, yep ONLY 5%, as tax free. Therefore they will try to tell you to take it easy and only do a few homes at first. You will find yourself “rolling” the money into another home and you will discover that if you don’t then you will pay dearly at the end of the year.

A bank will hire a Realtor to sell a home, even if it’s NOT on the MLS it will be represented by a Realtor. The Realtor had to pass a national and state test in contracts and law that is why they are trusted by the banks. So you will deal with a Realtor in a short sale situation anyway.

I suggest that you keep your $15,000 in your own pocket and hire a Realtor and a licensed Financial Advisor. The Realtor and the Financial Advisor will agree to only get paid when you do. No risk there. You can do this but you don’t need to lose $15,000 for a few books and some flash-in-the-pan hype.

I have all the websites that the students of these programs paid 1,000’s for and I didn’t pay a dime for them.

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I recently purchased the 49.99 promo on the net and get a 40 dollar mail in rebate. I had the hardest time getting it to download. The ebook portion of it finally downloaded by me transferring it to my desktop. the rest of the purchase is set up as audio books to listen to on a bookmarked page. GOOD LUCK GETTING THEM TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY!!! Every time I try it I consume about a ½ hour of my time and then it freezes on the page that it switches to. I have emailed the customer service email that is on the download page and every one of them is sent back to me as unmailable. I WOULD SAY THAT I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. Which is sad to because I am such a skeptic and very leary of this type of thing. The only other time I have bought anything on the net it was legos off of ebay that i never received. IHATE DISHONESTY AND I HATE THIEVES. I think whoever is responsible for setting up the website and offering false hopes and no product SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES

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Why haven’t anyone checked the BBB for this guy? If you check the BBB for these so called Internet Money Making things, you would see that almost all of them is either not listed on the BBB (which would make me suspicious) or have a rating of F…Before spending your hard earned money on stupid stuff like this, take a look at the BBB…it will save you all the hassle of a headache…and if you are unsure about it and you can’t find nothing on the BBB, then contact the BBB via phone…I am sure someone there will help you and you will save alot of heartache from these scams and scammers…

Here is the link to Robert’s BBB Score, which is an F by the way…

If you don’t believe this is real, then go to the BBB site yourself and type in Robert Allen under the Business/Charity Name. He is the one listed under Seminars – Wealth Building & Real Estate (there are 2 of them and they both have F’s)

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Stay away from this company and the website. It will not let you back out or cancel before the sale is final. Any company that has to use such devious, scummy ways to gain a buck, rather than count on the strength of it’s products, should be avoided.

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Hi Bronxlens,

Unlike Ztraffic says: Robert Allen is not a “Top Selling Real Estate Expert”, agreed: he is a Top Selling Author.

The secret of Rober Allen’s: “Give me $100 for living expenses and in 72 hours I’ll buy an excellent piece of real estate” was: calling all his contacts until he got what he needed.

Listen to his video “cash in a flash” where he states: “you can call 100 people you know. And if they also can call 100 people, then there are 10.000 people only 2 phonecalls away from you. ”

Exactly how he managed the “72hours with $100 challenge”: Call for help but don’t mention that detail to anybody.

Exactly what he did in Malaysia in his Multiple Stream of Income seminar: Call for help and ask a local to cover the seminar part about property investment. Call for help and ask another local to cover the seminar part about making money online. And when participants want to learn more, they can pay those 2 locals for their overly expensive seminars.

Read the whole story about his Multiple Stream of Income Seminar at:

When he is selling his seminar, Robert Allen says: “kill your little voice that says no… ”. Well, if you want to take smart decisions in life, don’t listen to Robert’s “advice” – sales pitch. When your gut feeling is sceptic, the right thing to do is go and get more information. Only then make a wise desicion and take action accordingly :-)

Hope that helps Bronxlens

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hello may ask some questions about robert g allen??????

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