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Is anybody watching Siberia?

Asked by Katniss (6651points) July 16th, 2013
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It’s so bad, but I’m totally addicted.

Are there any other Jellies watching?

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I looked at it yesterday, I was looking for something interesting and thought maybe it was a documentary or something.

After a few minutes, I kept looking.

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@rojo It’s just really bad fake reality. It’s not even filmed in Siberia, they’re actually somewhere in Canada. lol

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Does it have a point to it?

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I think they’re basically satirizing “reality” shows which most people realize are heavily stage managed. But a lot of these “reality” shows are already a parody of themselves whether they realize it or not.

When the first episode ended with a fatality and the remaining contestants were given the choice to continue or not, I knew that a new low had been reached.

I’m sort of half watching it (meaning that I’m doing something else simultaneously and minimally paying attention) because I want to see how far they will go with this.

But if it went off the air next week due to low ratings I wouldn’t miss it :)

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It’s Lost meets Survivor. What’s not to like?

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Right?? ^

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