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Tips on using food coloring?

Asked by jordym84 (4752points) July 20th, 2013
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One of my good friends posted this picture a few months ago and, since it’s his birthday, I thought I’d bake him some green chocolate chip cookies to help him get started on his “dye it.” I have a favorite, go-to cookie recipe that I’ll be using but I’ve never used food dyes before, and so I was wondering if there’s anything I need to keep in mind. Will it alter the taste and/or consistency of the cookies? Also, what’s a good amount of coloring to use in order to get that vibrant green color?

Thank you! :)

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Go with the Betty’s Recipe these are mint flavored. 6 -8 drops is the answer.

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The green might blend oddly with the natural coloring of the cookies and just make them look gross. Maybe you should try it out on an experimental batch first.

Also be aware that food coloring can put people off even when they know it’s just coloring.

Those cookies you linked look like they were never really that color. It looks like a PhotoShop dye job to me. Look how black the chocolate bits are.

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Use very little food dye. A little goes a long way. Put just a drop or two, mix, and see how the color looks. Then one drop at a time until you get the color you want. Sugar cookies will dye better than cc bit cookies, since cc bit cookies have brown sugar, but it should still work.

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Use a good quality food dye not the food coloring drops that you get at a grocery store. For that color, you will need a fair amount. It will not change the consistency or flavor in any way.

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As was just suggested, the drops found at the grocery store won’t do the job properly.

If you really want that vibrant green color you should get food coloring paste. This is what bakers use. Its much more concentrated, hence its effectiveness.

You can find it online or if your area has a restaurant or bakery supply store.

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Luckily you are going for green. Some people are allergic to Red #40

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Thanks for the tips, everyone!! I made the cookies yesterday and used the regular, store-bought kind of food coloring. I used just a little under a tablespoon and they came out vibrantly green, almost as green as in the picture, albeit a bit brown around the edges. However, they had somewhat of a bitter aftertaste. I used the same chocolate chip cookie recipe that I’ve used countless times in the past, so I know it wasn’t the recipe itself. It was a bit odd mixing and baking green cookies and the color definitely threw me off my game, so hopefully the bitter taste is just psychological. lol

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A tablespoon strikes me as an enormous amount, almost regardless of the batch size of the recipe. In that quantity, it seems like it would have to have a noticeable effect on taste. Even a teaspoon would seem like an awful lot.

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I might’ve overdone it with the coloring. Luckily I only made half of the recipe. I’ll probably scrap the rest of the dough and make a brand new batch.

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Well, at least now you know why bakers use a concentrated paste rather than the liquid :)

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Yes, lesson learned. lol

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Tablespoon? I said a few drops. No one listens to me ~ LOL.

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