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Does Fluther have a please send your SPAM here ad in India?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (28334points) July 31st, 2013
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Seems like more and more of the ads/SPAM are for India Companies. Maybe it is just me.

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They have gone nuts tonight. I’m running out of fingers to count how many I have flagged.

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I think that perhaps Fluther should put something in the graphics about how spam will be modded off. I think the spammers come to Fluther and think “This is a gold mine for us to just make profiles and post ads” and don’t realize that spam won’t be tolerated.

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New Fluther has Fewer Mods to remove your Annoying Ads!

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I think it is not specific to this site. I think it is everywhere.

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Apparently. How do you think Bendrew paid for their weddings?

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Oh thanx @janbb I’m much smarter for asking the Q.

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India is a hotbed of spam, for some reason. It’s by far the most common country that spams us, and I assume other sites, too. Thanks for flagging spam, guys! Please be patient as we are very short-handed right now. It may take a while to get it removed.

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