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Does your dog eat so greedily that it often ends up throwing everything up?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) August 4th, 2013
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My approximately 10 month old dog, eats like a horse and so greedily that she swallow the food without really chewing it. How have you dealt with this?

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None of the dogs I have had eat like this.
Akita, Terrier, Shepherd

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Not in the least, she takes her time when eating her dog food, savouring it.

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Some dogs eat like that. We put a foot or two of ¼ or 5/16 inch chain in their food bowl. It slows them down a lot.

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This may help here

I love Cesar Millan (although this article is not his). He speaks often of dog anxiety and eating quickly. here

and this may help here

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From a puppy, I would pull on Pitch’s ears and stick my fingers into his food bowl so that he must each around them. Sometimes making him lie down and taking his kibble one bit at a time from my hand.

He’s a very polite eater now, and I could take a raw steak from his mouth without confrontation. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else try that though.

For treats, he must sit and tell me what a good boy he is.
“Are you one of those good doggies, or one of those bad doggies?”
“Oh I’m a good doggy!”.

Only then does he get a treat.

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I don’t have a dog but I used to have a cat that we joked was bulimic. lol
He died in 1995 but for years we were always running after him and shoving the newspaper TV guide under his face to catch the cat barf. He was a fat cat, no health issues, just “wolfed” down his food and then threw up about 5 minutes later. We never had a damn TV guide. haha

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Three of my boxers were very slow eaters. They would take a mouthful and not go back for more for hours. I think they thought they were going to miss something going on.
The boxer I have now will eat the food I put out for her, but not before she head bumps me and leans into me, as if to thank me. After I walk off, she still doesn’t dive in, she eats slowly.
Maybe it’s the breed.

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Dogs don’t chew. They don’t have the prerequisite teeth to chew. They’re designed to rip off flesh and bolt it down.
Perhaps you could put a smaller amount of food in his food bowl at every meal?

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My yupid Dutchess’ dog food attacks her. She’ll come trotting, high stepping into the living room with a piece of food in her mouth when it will suddenly JUMP out of her mouth and go running across the floor. She’ll jump after it and run around barking at it. They’ll fight for 20 minutes until she’s totally exhausted, then the cat will eat it.

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You can spread the kibble out on a tray or tile floor, and make them eat slowly that way. There are toys that dispense kibble too, and the dog has to work for each piece. You can also buy a food dispenser with a timer, and set it to deliver small meals several times a day. I’m also a fan of feeding them by hand. Make ‘em work for it.

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If your dog is a deep chested breed, I strongly recommend one of these

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How does it work @syz?

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It’s the same as the one I linked. It forces them to take smaller bites.

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No. We’re lucky if our 9 month old pup eats at all.

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My dog has started doing that the last few months. I only give him small amounts of food several times a day, and that seems to help.

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@Dutchess_III You can find videos online, but basically it forces the dog to work around the obstructions. You can do the same thing by placing 1 or 2 large stones, balls, or bricks in the bowl (as long as they are large enough that the dog absolutely cannot swallow them).

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Once upon a time I had a dog named Snuffy. One day we bought some doggy vitamins for her. She LOVED them! Just fooling around one day, I put one in her empty food bowl, then put dog food on top of it. She picked her food out of the bowl, one piece at a time, set it aside, forming a pyramid of food next to her bowl, until she got to the vitamin. Then she ate the vitamin and then she daintily ate the food.

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