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Anyone know of a great looking Web site selling printers and printer supplies?

Research on how we use the Internet has shown that Web sites need to pass the 50 millisecond test. To save you from having to do the math, 50 milliseconds is just one twentieth of a second, the blink of an eye.

I just booked a job to give a much needed makeover. My rule of thumb in site’s design is that the graphics must do two things in that critical first 50 milliseconds. First, the page needs graphically to inform visitors of the site’s purpose. Second, it needs to build their trust that if they are looking for a site with that purpose, they have found the right one. Right one is a combination of confidence this is a trustworthy site, and that it is likely to have the exact item the visitor came there looking for.

But as I look around the Web at other online toner and printer stores, what I see is essentially graphics free. At the most, the big sites may have the logos for the various lines they carry; HP, Xerox, Dell, Lexmark, etc. Many don’t even bother with that, and show only a list of text links to brands or a series of drop down selection lists letting you choose your brand, printer model, and item desired. Clearly, ease of drilling down to the item one came for is vital. But reading can’t happen in 50 milliseconds. I still think I need to use a graphic to let visitors know what the site is all about.

Most of us have a printer. We occasionally shop for a new printer and routinely shop for supplies for the one we have. Do any of you have a favorite Web site supplying printers and toner cartridges and boasting a look that meets the 50 millisecond test? I’d greatly appreciate any links you might be able to provide.

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