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If you lived in Tampa Florida and considered moving to Seattle or Chicago.. which would you choose?

I’ve asked a similar question once before but wanted to see if I could get some additional opinions on this topic.

I currently live in Tampa Florida, am considering a relocation to either Seattle or Chicago.. I’ve done some extensive research and have noticed that Seattle has a higher median income level then the other cities and the crime rate is much lower.

I’m looking for some feedback from folks that have experience in either of these cities.

Maybe you live in Tampa right now and love it so much, I’d love to hear from you as well.

Maybe you live in Seattle or Chicago, I definitely want to hear from you. Whats the employment situation like, crime, people, place to raise a family, easy to make friends?

I’m 28yrs old, married and would be utilizing a few years of savings to make this move. I’m hoping a move from Tampa would prove to be a good investment for the future of my family.

I often times look around at what Florida offers and realize that this may not be the best place. I’m looking for a challenge, I’m looking to become a better person.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and feedback.

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