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What about a "no opinion" button?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) August 28th, 2013
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To tell the asker, I read the question, and… I got nothing. Because otherwise we’ll just go in and make some inane remark, when maybe the asker was hoping for a serious discussion. I especially want to tell the Jellies I like that I’ve considered their question and have nothing useful to add, but without polluting the answerspace.
(Edit: Crap, just realized, a bunch of smart assess are going to answer “no opinion” variants down there. Sigh. OK, get it out of your system.)

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I always assumed if someone didn’t have an opinion, it would be easier to simply not answer.

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Q. E, D,

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Yes, but what about the non-jackasses who haven’t posted? Did they not see the question? Are they ignoring it? Me? Did I do something wrong? Oh my god! They saw the pictures, didn’t they? That’s it, I’m getting a new user name.
^is what goes through my mind. I can’t be the only one here this neurotic.

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No development work is being done on the site. Not going to happen.

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I have no opinion on this.

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I especially want to tell the Jellies I like that I’ve considered their question and have nothing useful to add, but without polluting the answerspace.

That’s when I give the user a GQ without answering the question. This lets them know their question was seen and liked, but I have nothing to add.

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@jonsblond yes but they can’t see who GQd. They will think it was one of their more popular friends (naturally)
@filmfann see above we are comrades in arms I predicted your response.
@marinelife obviously this is all a thinly veiled attempt to get people here to jump in and say stop being so neurotic, everybody loves you, here’s the secret room where all the beautiful people hug each other all the time, sorry it took so long to get around to showing it to you.

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Personally, I’d rather have my question ignored without being aware of it than to actually see someone had taken the time to acknowledge they had no opinion rather than take the same time to comment.

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^^^ Getting a little over invested, perhaps? Slow day in the ER? In that case,do you have time to give me some free medical advice,

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I didn’t realize all this stuff about me when I asked this question. I think I inadvertently gave myself the best answer.
@gailcalled just pay your copay, and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Do you accept Medicare? Yes? Well, I have this pain…

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2 aspirin, call me in the morning.

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Forget the aspirin and call me now…Red or white?

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Gail, I’m married… (but at least of legal age)

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Funny… you don’t look married.

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I just don’t answer the question. Simple as that. I seriously doubt anyone is worried that I (or you) ignored their question intentionally.

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@livelaughlove I know that now. Its just my neuroses.

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<— non-non-jackass

always have an opinion

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<Jackass, always has a comment. And I think you’re funny, doc.

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… That’s how I use the “Great Answer” button.

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@filmfann I loled buddy.

I too have no opinion on the matter. It’s a cute thought though.

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Meh. <—-That is the no opinion button for those that don’t just ignore the question.

Alternative is <yawn>

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Also * sigh *

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