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Help! How can I get rid of these ants?

Asked by jordym84 (4747points) September 4th, 2013
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My roommate and I keep the apartment spotlessly clean and never leave dishes in the sink, and yet we have a horrible ant problem. This all started at the beginning of the summer and has gotten worse over the months. At first they were just in the kitchen. Then we started seeing them in the bathrooms and now they’re in my closet! I have absolutely no source of food in the closet, so I don’t understand why they’re in there. We’ve already had pest control come spray the place multiple times but that only seems to work temporarily (for a day or two).

What else can we possibly do to make these pesky ants go away? Are you aware of any DIY methods that actually work?

Thanks in advance!

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Our pest control man put some kind of jell in the area they were found and they apparently took it back to the nest where they all died, I guess.

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Peppermint oil soaked cotton balls are a good, organic solution. Makes your house smell nice too and no poison.
Do not use anything toxic, especially if you have pets in the house.
“Taro” is another ant bait that works well too.

It is a sticky, clear, syrup type concoction.
You put a few drops on a little cardboard tab that comes with the bottle and hide them around where the ants are coming in.
They take the bait back to their nest for a holocost moment.
Taro is available in most drug and grocery stores.

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@jordym84 Terro works very quickly. The scout ants come in and die, no other ants will come in. This will take care of your problem within 2–3 weeks. Within days you should notice a quick reduction if you put the traps at the entry points.

Sprays do not work as well as foods for insects, when it comes to actual control methods.

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I have pet birds, and they throw food everywhere, so I periodically have ants. I use Frontline spray (from the vet) and it works for weeks (plus it’s safe around the birds). This is off-label use, of course.

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Oops….my mistake…Terro, not Taro. haha

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I wasn’t sure if you meant that or the root @Coloma ;)

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Pour bleach down drains. Also, they sell plugs for the walls that send vibrations through the wall that scare bugs away. I have them, they work well.

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I just buy raid ant baits and place them in areas where I notice they have developed a straight line. Follow their trail up to where it disappears into the wall. Then place an ant bait right at the opening. About a foot away, put another ant bait and then wash the remaining area after the second bait. They leave a scent for other ants to follow. After you wash it then spray it with vinegar water. They don’t like the scent and it does kill them. You want to make the ant baits more desirable.
About 2 days later they will be all gone.
I did that with my guest bathroom and it has been 8 months since I’ve seen them there and the same with my kitchen. It took my kitchen longer but I believe it was because they were coming in two different areas and may have been separate nests. The kitchen took about 1 month, but in 1 week I notice a big drop in ants. They haven’t come back and that was about 4 months ago.

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You could also mix borax with sugar & a bit of water, put it on a lid and put it on the ground where there is a high traffic of ants. It’s sweet, so they’ll take it to the queen ant and kill her.

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I swear by Terro any killer! We have a problem with them every summer. I put a little bit of this clear liquid out and they flock to it. Usually they are gone in 3 days and its a really inexpensive product!

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Ant not any thanks autocorrect! Geesh

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You need a proper cleaning of your room. As well after cleaning, spray the pets killing jell in your room. One of the best home remedies for it to pot the flour on the floor where you saw the aunts.

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I second the borax. It worked for me, but takes a couple days. Cheapest, people and pet friendly solution i found. :-)

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I third the borax. boric acid is what you are looking for. It is what most of the brands at the store are made of.

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My boss set up a compost heap for the compost, but his ant problem went away too. They saw compost as an all-you-can-eat buffet, so stopped trekking all the way to his house.

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