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What the best attraction in Key West?

Asked by ndredsox (6points) June 24th, 2008
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My wife and I have travelled to Key West 5 times now and we want to do something new and fun. Any suggestions for something new and exciting in the southernmost place?

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Have you been to the Hemingway House? That’s pretty interesting (especially if you enjoy the author) and plus you can see all the six-toed cats!

There’s also a great restaurant that’s slightly off the beaten path called Pisces (?) I think. It used to be called Cafe Des Artistes. Anyway, the food is amazing and they have original Andy Warhol prints on the walls.

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Here’s also a list of attractions from Lonely Planet’s website:

And I also found the website for Pisces:
It’s definitely one of my all time favorite restaurants.

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Lobstering, fishing and drinking. All are perfect way to spend a day in Key West.

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@Kay Hemminway House is a great tour. I loved it!

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@scamp: It’s such an awesome house with a great history! I really like how they let you hang out on the grounds for as long as you want after the tour. :)

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The Audobon House is also great – it’s an old cottage with several original Audubon prints in it. I think it’s on the same street as the Hemingway house. We also took a tour of the Truman White House in the Truman Complex last time we were there, very pleasant. Another nice thing we did once was a small boat eco-tour to see dolphins. A sunset champagne cruise on a schooner was great; you get it on the pier in front of the Hilton. There’s a great French bakery on Duvall Street quite a ways down from the water. And Turtle Kraals is a nice pubby type place to eat at the marina….Oh – I want to go!

We love to stay at the Ocean Key House right at the end of Duvall. If you can get a room with a balcony overlooking Mallory Dock, you have a ringside seat for the Sunset Celebration. It is pricey though.

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