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Care box for a theatre manager?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) October 15th, 2013
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I good friend of mine is about to enter into a busy schedule as a theatre manager. Do you have any suggestions for fun things to put in the box? One thing I thought of was a vocab book of just theater terms. Does something like that exist?
Thanks so much for your insight!!

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Here’s just the book you’re looking for.

S/he will also need this book.

Finally, this is essential.

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^^^ Perfect ideas.

You could add Orthotics

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Anything from here

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Why has no one mentioned chocolates, an opera cloak, a monocle and champagne?

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The Shakspeare Insults might come in handy.

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How about some healthy snacks? Something quick to eat on the go but not just chips. Maybe a gift certificate to a place that delivers late night dinner/snacks. Some bottled water. Maybe a coupon for a free ride home. Also, how about a paying a kid to clean off the car in the winter. Late night plays and snow storms don’t mix. Would be nice not to have to clean the snow off the car.
I think care packages are a great idea. I send them to relatives and friends just for fun. Gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

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A first aid kit. A box of tissues. A variety of analgesics. Rolls of hard candies (with sugar, not sugar free, for diabetics), a really large umbrella. A large flash light. Somebody has to be practical. Even your Mom gave you sox for your birthday.

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Do not, under any circumstances, include a copy of Macbeth.

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