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Why are there so few questions on Fluther about President Obama's competence?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 29th, 2013
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I see all sorts of questions on this site about stuff that is frivolous.
Like this one
But the President matters.
President Bush mattered so much that people made careers out of making fun of him. And perhaps he deserved it.
But is this bozo really any better?
He claims he knows nothing. Nothing about Fast and Furious, nothing about the terrorist murder raid in Bengazi, nothing about the IRS fucking with political opponents, nothing about covert surveillance of you and me and friendly heads of state, nothing about the disappointing “roll out” of the only legislation that he will ever be remembered for, “Obama Care” which if it were me with my name on it I would be fucking sure it was right.
He is not the only loser President. In one way or another, in my lifetime, they have all been disappointing (Bill Clinton being the least disappointing in my lifetime).
But this one seems to get a particular sympathy.
Let’s assume it is not condescending, racist, paternalistic enabling.
Granting that, what is it?

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Because most of the people here worship the ground he walks on, and if you say negative things about him, regardless of their truth, you are either racist, or a tea party fucktard.

That’s my two cents, and I’m outta this one before it gets ugly.

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I disagree. The program to monitor the friendly heads of state was started in 2002 by the Bush Administration. It is quite believable that the NSA failed to mention it to this President.

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I think because people are terrified of the alternative. He is getting fair criticism from the left (who think he should stop being a centrist and start acting like a Democrat), but for a while, it will be slightly cautious, and tempered by the fear of ending up with a president from the current Republican party.

If the Republicans can get their act together, and stop catering to the craziest and meanest people among them, they will be a force to be reckoned with, because liberals and centrists will be able to stop holding their tongues (and perhaps even their votes). I don’t see that happening within the next 10 years, though.

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My parents taught me not to say anything if I don’t have something nice to say. lol
I’m going to follow @WillWorkForChocolate out the door because I agree.

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As asked, this bozo is better than Bush.

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Mitt Romney coined the term Obama care, federal Romney care might be a more apt description for the affordable care act,

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I don’t approve of a lot of ‘stuff’ that President Obama has been for, but I agree with @filmfann , he is far better than a Republican President!

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Your question reveals a lot about your reality. Think about it, you’re on a Q and A site. I don’t know that too many Republicans are on Q and A sites. I have seem a ton of them on FaceBook though, they come out whenever Al Gore post stuff about the weather.

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I hardly think he’s perfect, but I also realize that he’s relatively constrained by the political situation in DC. Also, Bush was so fucking awful I’m willing to give him a good bit of leeway.

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But this one seems to get a particular sympathy.
Let’s assume it is not condescending, racist, paternalistic enabling.
Granting that, what is it?

Are you kidding me? We all know not every President is going to be liked, not every President is going to resolve every problem on the face of the U.S.A. Hell by now, we should all know Presidents are just puppets. At the very least, Obama has done more for getting USA invested in alternative fuels than any of the other Presidents combined. It takes a lot to brave enough to a multi billion dollar industry that is the oil business to tell them, “Hey we’re ditching oil and getting ready for sustainable energy.”

I couldn’t tell you 1 good thing Bush has done, I can tell you at the very least 8 things Obama has initiated and done embarked on.

The Republican party itself is hyping up the whole Benghazi scandal, that’s like their only ammo that they can bank on in 2016, and even then it’s going to be dismantled when enough readers read,Brock and Rabin-Havt’s “The Benghazi Hoax.”

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But is this bozo really any better?

Yes, far better than the true “bozos” who dis him without the vaguest idea how impossibly difficult his job is. Do I think he walks on water. No, never did; President Obama a flawed human being who’s making a lot of mistakes (as is the Republican House which has sworn to block him at every turn). But I believe he’s is trying a lot harder than his predecessor to do the right things

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Consider his opponents in both elections.

McCain could be called an honorable man but look at that religious nut bag he picked as a running mate.

Romney was a crypto religious nut bag.

So, by the close call comparisons we rather lucked out.

And this is a rather liberal site I assume.

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As a president, he isn’t incompetent. He understands the machinery of state and knows how to manage it, whether you agree with his policies or not. Bush Jr. was pretty deficient in this department, and self-styled conservatives generally overestimate their own competence and understanding of issues. That’s actually the unsung tragedy of Obama: he is intellectualizing Bush’s overreaches, making them permanent. The next Republikan president will owe a debt to Barack Obama for giving him the tools for being even more vicious and murderous.

I might call some of Obama’s political calculations incompetent, but I don’t know when to blame him and when to blame his party. The Republikans’ takeover of the House and many states in 2010 was a masterstroke, and the Democrats just sat there squabbling with each other while it was being engineered.

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Well, Fluther is slanted liberal. That’s why. As a right leaning centrist I can say we have not had any candidates I was enthusiastic about voting for in several decades. Obama is basically a hack but so were the others running against him. Outcome would have likely been about the same regardless. Realize that big business and big gov’t are in bed with each other and we will loose one way or another. Pick your side, whatever… loose. Time to move past partisan politics and actually talk about things that matter.

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Josie, it would have been a lot closer in the 08 if McCain didn’t choose Palin. Oh my gosh don’t pretend she didn’t shoot both themselves in the foot to lose those elections. Same thing with Romneys running mate. He kept running his mouth.

America isn’t so much about choosing the right President any more sadly, personally I’m so scarred from the Bush regime and with that forceful entry into Iraq and the lies, I’m more concerned about selecting the wrong potential President.

Do both democrats and republicans have ties to middle eastern oil? You’re damn right they both do, I won’t pretend that it’s not the case. But let’s see how they go about their business. I bet under a Romney regime with the chemical blasts that killed all those children, USA would’ve had a head full of steam going into that country. At the very least Obama, yielded, ultimately left it up to Congress, (so the blame wouldn’t be on just the Democrats, you like this game of chess right here eh?) but what happens? John Kerry makes up some line talking about solving the problem and Russia’s Putin jumps all over that fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.

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I’m glad politics are not discussed much on here. The government is beyond corrupt. I see no point in following any of it on the news because most of it is lies. Everyone attacks each other for not believing the same views to the point that no decisions can be made. All of the politicians should be representing the interests of the people that elected them but no they do not. Get rid of all of them and start from scratch! BTW if anyone feels the need to attack me for my views you can stuff it!

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Basically, I never really liked him. But I disliked him less than I utterly feared loving in a country under Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

So, still feel like I dodged a bullet, and feel like not much will be accomplished by whining.

Even in the Bush era, most of my complaints were grammar-related.

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Why aren’t there more questions about orange soda, sleeping pills, Carebears…no one cares enough to ask.

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I loved Obama. When he won, I was in the US and jumped out of my chair cheering. I still love him but am feeling sorry for the US just now, I don’t know if he’s good or not at this point.

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As you know, Fluther leans liberal. There is plenty of Obama-bashing going on on other sites, I’m sure.

We’re all aware that Obama’s not perfect. But as bad as Bush? Hahaha. Ha.

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Because questions on here are not likely to change the man’s competence or lack thereof, there’d be no point.

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It could be a combination of a few things…

- People being fed up with electoral politics.
– After the Bush years, finally electing someone “different” only to feel they are experiencing much of the same.
– Exhaustion.

Or it could be what @glacial said (“I think because people are terrified of the alternative.”). If you have a plate of rotting food in front of you, but the people offering an alternative to that are holding plates of steaming shit (corn shits), you might not be excited about giving up your rotten food. “But our steaming shit has corn in it. It’s good for you!” Fuck you.

Who knows. I could be wrong.

Or we could check our brain at the door and run with this horseshit…

@josie: “Let’s assume it is not condescending, racist, paternalistic enabling.”

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The only reason I don’t bring up thing’s here is because I don’t enjoy people constantly defending him, like I’m the bad guy for even mentioning he may be fallible. It’s still a liberal-leaning site so why bother putting yourself in that position.

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“Why are there so few questions about X on Fluther?” is essentially asking members to account for other members’ behavior or nonbehavior. Ridiculous. How do I know why people whom I’ve never met and who may live anywhere in the world don’t do a certain thing? And how do I know what constitutes “many” or “few” in your mind? Why are there so few questions about artificial fruit flavors in desserts? Why are there so few questions about cellphone distribution in Third World countries? Why are there so few questions about the relative rate of failure of various automobile components? Who knows?

I’m consistently irritated by questions that convey the idea “I am a unique individual in here all by myself and all of you (other members) are one big homogeneous blob out there.” We’re all solo participants and can barely account for our own behavior, let alone that of thousands of unknowns.

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Josie reminds me of my grandfather. Poor guy just isn’t happy unless he has something to complain about.

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Smack down c/o @Jeruba.

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Why do so few questions ask when men stopped beating their wives?

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Obama definitely was not my first choice, but I still feel he was better of a choice than the Republicans that were running against him. I also feel that Obama was better than several of his Republican predecessors.

It’s pretty bad when I, a former registered Republican for many years, has to vote for mostly Democrats on the state and local level. In my county though, it’s the Republicans who are more reasonable than the Democrats.

I’m a diehard social libertarian, and economic issues aren’t the only ones of great importance to me. I’m for smaller government, but I’m not anti-government. In all fairness though Obama gets bashed horribly on most other sites, so fluther is a rare exception. Believe me, I have my criticisms of Obama, but I get jumped on enough concerning other issues on here.

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All I know is I wish da Coach had run against ‘Brack in Illinois.

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What kind of answer are you looking for? “Because he’s black”?

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I tried to take that part off the table. It’s OK, sometimes I don’t read the details either.

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