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Canucks, with all of the mess that is going on in the Canadian senate, if you could pick, who would be pm?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) November 6th, 2013
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Harper out, and which Canadian would you like to see in there? It could be any Canadian. Someone who you feel that you could trust.

Man, I like David Suzuki.

This is all in good fun!

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Darrl kates owner of the Edmonton Oliers. Or Kevin O’Leary.

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Anyone other than Stephen Harper and his cronies!

Elizabeth May of the Green Party, Justin Trudeau of the Liberals or even Thomas Mulcair of the NDP would make excellent Prime Ministers. Unfortunately we don’t elect PMs directly. The Party that wins the most seats forms the government and their Leader becomes the PM.
I vote strategically to get the best possible government.

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Ohh I will change my answer to Elizabeth May. She is very well informed.

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I’d like to think Mulcair would be the next PM. But the liberal vote will probably be split AGAIN because people can’t be arsed to vote strategically. We need another conservative party in this country.

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I would like to think Mulcair,but Layton probably would have been the first NDP leader to actually do it.
And Yes I am a Canadian. :)

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To be fair though, Layton’s star was high but not that high before he died.

His personality won the NDP their best showing ever, but it was also combined with the Bloc tanking and it was only after he died that people really had this outpouring of grief. I have to say I was extremely shocked at that…I’d worked weekly as a volunteer at the riding and provincial level for the NDP for ten years starting in high school and no one much ever seemed to care before. I used to get the doors slammed in my face a fair amount while canvassing, and a whole lot of “I don’t care, commie”-type responses even more so.

Then suddenly everyone loves him and Steven Page is singing that heart-wrenching version of Hallelujah in Nathan Phillips Square (look it up on youtube). Wow. I thought it was just an internal party thing where he was liked so much…strange. I still have the little flags from his leadership convention where he was first elected…

He would have been a quite decent PM, but I’m not sure he would have been perfect either. Some random anecdotes, a propos of nothing. He used to make the same joke all the time: that he was once stumping at a farm with the local community all around him and the only platform they could find for him to speak on was a board on top of a pile of manure. So he climbed up there and faced the crowd and said, “This is the first time in my life I’ve spoken from a Conservative platform.” Lol! He also once told me “fuck Monsanto!” in my ear in a pub. Me: spits out my drink.

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@Yanaba Layton was fucking awesome. I’m sad that we don’t get to brag about having elected him as a PM. Not that we directly vote for PM… you know what I mean.

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Rob Ford. The dean not the politician.

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