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Ever have a day where you feel like calling people out on their nonsense?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) November 8th, 2013
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Over the top drama? I’ve seen my fair share today. I’ve called a few people out on it. Can’t seem to hold my tongue. haha

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Oh yeah, I HATE drama more than just about anything. I’ve heard it’s healthy to express your feelings, so let ‘er rip mama!

So where’s the drama, at home or here or ? Can we help?

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Ha, if you called out crap on FB you’d be there til 2014…at least.

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Here’s the trick, IMHO:
• Get off of or limit Facebook/Twitter activity
• Remove as many toxic people as you can from your life. Simply stop seeing or communicating with them.
• Limit contact with the toxic people you cannot avoid.
• Get plenty of sleep.
• Drink lots of water.
• Be sure to do things for yourself regularly.
• Have a sense of humor.

If you do all that, I’ve found much of the drama simply goes away or is very limited and more manageable.

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@Mama_Cakes I rarely use my fb for that reason…lol, good luck.

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It’s hard. Like, one of my HS friends who I friended on fb keeps on posting these wild rumors. I’ve sent her so many snopes links it’s not funny. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just CHECK snopes first.

However, she is at least starting to modify her posts a little. Like today she said “I hope this isn’t true, but just to be safe….” and she posted that rumor about “Strawberry Meth” being handed out to school kids.


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Nearly every day. Some peoples problems are just so trivial.

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If I find the information online easily, I just post a link – nuff said.

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Here at times.

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@janbb Me, too.

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Oh my yes,but those kind of people have a great skill,at playing victim as well as ,I just try and steer clear of them.

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Sorry meant to say ,as well as instigator.

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I had a long time internet friend unfriend me because I said I like McDonalds!

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@janbb & @Mama_Cakes . . . i’m sorry . . .

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@Blondesjon Naw – you’re not on my list. Not today!

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He’s on my list every other day, but today!

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I have a life where I feel like calling people out on their nonsense. No, that is not sarcasm.

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Heh…I was at the grocery store this afternoon when this idiot dude just glides out into the parking lot looking like he was stoned. Probably was. No eye contact, no looking and when he did, finally, turn around I held up my hands in a “wtf” manner. He glared at me. lol
After I parked he was sitting in his truck a few spaces over and I walked right up to him and said ” Sooo, ya know, there is a great big world above your knees, maybe try looking up sometime!” lol

He said ” Well, I’m a relaxed type.”
I said ” Sooo, you just sorta blend with the traffic ey, well, you almost met your final relaxation under my car!”

He just looked stupid, slack jawed, duh!
Can’t beat me when I’m at the top of my game. lol

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Doesn’t everyone feel that need with folks on here?
I mean, it’s not exactly earth shattering news, more like everyday inevitability.

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Yes, but I try to clamp down on it. You never know what situation someone else is in. When I get too exasperated and start in, I often find that I quickly feel like an asshole because some immediate explanation for what seemed to me to be nonsense comes out that I didn’t know before.

The exception for me is FB mythmongering; I will happily post a snopes link the first few times and then hide them from my Feed if they keep it up. But when it comes to personal drama, I have trained myself to steer clear most of the time.

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After many decades of tolerating my younger sister’s lying, manipulation of others, arrests and jail-time, alienating her kids, providing “golden showers” for men in her ‘escort service’ days in Vegas, five marriages and divorces (of course ALWAYS the guy’s fault) and then continually whining to me on the phone for hours on end about everything being everyone else’s fault, I finally “fired” her from my life about 8 years ago. No contact allowed. Ever.

BEST thing I ever did…

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On the streets of Manhattan I can’t escape all the bullshit.

I want to call people out on it constantly.

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Oh yah.

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May as well ask ever had a day where you don’t feel like calling people out for their nonsense. I’d have time for nothing else.

I’ve found it useful, therefore, to limit my exposure to people who require being called out.

(Amazing what a good set of headphones can do…)

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